The Great Buck

It’s Storytime!!!

A story with an important lesson. I pray that this will inspire the young and the old.
I wrote this story last fall and would like to share it with you today.

There once lived a great buck who learned a very important lesson.

It all began one sunny Summer day, when the young buck was told that he was destined for something great. This, the buck took to heart and dwell on it.

Soon after, a highly influencial deer told him that “he was one of the finest bucks alive”. And the buck believed it.

But he believed it so much so, that he began to be prideful. He felt important, TOO important.

He was SOMEONE now. He expected everyone to treat him with perfect respect.

As the months went on, he came to regard himself as great as a king.

Life was great, he thought. He was great. But to everyone else, he was an arrogant bully. No one wanted anything to do with him. They ran and hid the best they could, when ever they saw him coming. Yet there was always someone who found themselves a victim to the ‘king’ Buck’s commands. He was a terror to them all, yet he couldn’t see it.

Soon Autumn came, and with it, the hunters. All the deer went into hiding. All, that is, but that one buck. He thought that he was too great to be shot.

He imagined himself coming out into the clearing, and all the hunters dropping their guns to the ground at the very sight of him, the great buck. And so, his pride led him to prance around, being the center of attention.

But then, came that fateful day, when a bullet pierced his heart.

And so, he found a place in a hunter’s cabin, above the fireplace. He would always be the great buck, that the proud hunter shot. He would now always be the center of attention. But it had cost him his life.

The End.

“Pride goeth before destruction, a hasty spirit before a fall.”

~ Proverbs 16:18

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