The Bloggers Project begins

The Bloggers Project

Welcome fellow bloggers!!!

I have been blogging since last fall. When I began blogging, I did not know what to expect. I began blogging because Yahweh (God) called me to blog about His simple truth. And so, Just Simply True, came to be!!!

In the process of learning how to blog, I was so grateful to be able to read a few posts about blogging by other bloggers.

It really inspired and helped me in my blogging journey.

As the weeks and months went by, my blog grew and so did my followers.

It was at the time when I had about 90 followers, that I “blogmet” a couple really nice, but struggling bloggers who asked for my help.

As a fairly new blogger myself, I have helped them the best I can.

That is when I had an idea. I began praying about this idea, and soon it…

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A blessing...I pray.

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