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The Reckoning

And so the time comes when you are faced with the very thing you knew was destroying you. There always seems to be at least one small, tiny thing that we do…that thing that does not seem to matter…that is okay to do… that is just on the Bible’s line of “you can do it”.Continue reading “The Reckoning”

The Perfect Authority

The day that I realized that my parents were not perfect, is the day when I had some serious praying to do. Growing up, my parents knew everything. Sure I didn’t always listen and therefore learned many lessons the hard way. But whatever my parents said, I believe to be true. Then, I realized thatContinue reading “The Perfect Authority”

In Times like These

I never would have imagined that I would be living through a time like this. When the whole world is shut down and in fear. When everyone is home. When going shopping is an adventure. When masks are the new dress code, and our way of life is altered forever. Through the past few weeks,Continue reading “In Times like These”