My Story

Simply blessed and living by faith


I am a girl, growing into a young woman. Though I am considered an adult by the world’s standards, I am quite a child at heart.

I have been blessed with an abundance a child-like faith and a strong desire to live my life for Yahweh. This does not make me perfect in any way, for I have a hard time with patience sometimes and tend to get frustrated.

I have a wonderful handful of younger brothers and two sweet little sisters. As the oldest, I have grown up helping out with cute babies, noisy kids, doing dishes, and burning dinner…

I enjoy reading, writing, photography, planning parties and such, serving others, camping, studying, and spending time with my family & friends. I volunteer full time, with my family, in ministry to feed the poor in our community and be a light in this dark world. I am a strong believer and follower of YAHWEH and His beautiful word.

I am a truth seeker. I love the truth, especially Yahweh’s truth. I am strongly Pro-life and attended the National Right To Life Academy in 2018. I also currently volunteer at my local pregnancy center. I definitely love babies. But I just plain love life.

I have my heart set on becoming a mother someday. For now, I seek Yahweh’s guidance and I look forward to living what He has planned for me.

May this blog inspire you and may you grow in truth.


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