My Blog: A lesson about “The Test”

I have been blogging for one whole month now!!!

Time sure flies by fast.

From the very beginning, I have come to realize that this blog has been teaching me a very important lesson.

Yahweh led me to begin blogging, and He said, “Let it be called ‘Just Simply True.'” And so it was.

Because my blog is called ‘Just Simply True’, that means that I have to be very careful about what I post. It must be true…

This verse comes to mind.

And so, with this verse as my guide about what I should post… I realized that there are certain things that I should not post, because it does not pass the test.

The Test

Is it true,





Of good report,

Is there any virtue,

Or any praise???

This is an important test that “Just Simply True” reminds me of, every time I think of posting.

This goes even bigger than just my blog. What about my life? If it isn’t good enough to post on my blog, what makes it good in the rest of my life?

Do the things that we say, do, and think pass the test???

Do our possessions pass this test??? If someone walked into our home, our bedroom, or our vehicle, would they say that it passed the test???

We tend to forget who we are and why we are here. Therefore, we do what we think is best…

But as a Follower of YAHWEH…as a dearly loved child, we need to remember who we are and why we live so that we may see the beautiful, true, holy, pure, and lovely things that YAHWEH has for us.

Let’s show the world these things…these things that pass the simple test of truth…so that all may know the real lovely things of YAHWEH, from the counterfeit things of the world…that do not last.

I am so thankful that YAHWEH has given me this blog. This important lesson, being just one of the many reasons…

~Sweet Blessings to you!!!~

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A blessing...I pray.

10 thoughts on “My Blog: A lesson about “The Test”

  1. Congrats to you on your new blog, love your the name.

    Last year I created bookmarks for our family with the verse from Philippians 4:8. It’s a question we must constantly ask…. thank you for sharing.

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