Attention Christmas!

With the holiday season here, bringing Christmas cheers and dreamy thoughts, you may be in the happiness that you see only once a year…or maybe you need a holiday from a holiday.

After the busy rush of shopping, gift wrapping, planning, decorating, baking, cooking, cleaning, and the other hundred things on your list, you probably just need a break.

Or maybe your heart is in the right place, but something just isn’t right.

We tend to go through life doing as everyone else does without stopping to think about why we are doing it.

Surely, Yahweh, our Creator, does not intend for us to get all stressed out and exhausted in celebration of ‘His’ birthday???

Or maybe we’re missing something here???

Let’s seek out the truth. What is Yahweh’s will for us in this matter???

Because nothing matters, but the truth.

“For, I can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” ~2 Corinthians 13:8

I want to share something with you that may shine some light on Yahweh’s truth.
This video can explain the truth about Christmas in such a non-judgmental, truth seeking way. Don’t you just love the truth?

Here is a link to a Christmas video that you must watch!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Should we celebrate Christmas?~

The truth about Christmas. Warning: Contains truth that may shock you.

Video: (Time: 1 Hr. 24 Min.)


What did you think? Tell us in the comments!!!

Sweet blessings to you!!!

Photo by Pexels

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

12 thoughts on “Attention Christmas!

  1. No, we shall NOT !!

    Jeremiah 10:1-4
    Idols and the True God

    1 Hear the word which the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel.
    2 Thus says the Lord:

    “Do not learn the way of the Gentiles;
    Do not be dismayed at the signs of heaven,
    For the Gentiles are dismayed at them.
    3 For the customs of the peoples are futile;
    For one cuts a tree from the forest,
    The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax.
    4 They decorate it with silver and gold;
    They fasten it with nails and hammers
    So that it will not topple.

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  2. I haven’t watched the video! But reading your post made a lot of sense! Since I’ve been reading the Bible and studying it more I’ve learned that Christmas is not all about gifts it’s about Jesus and his birthday. I’ve been instilling this into my children so they will understand. Joy you have a blessed day my sweet friend!! Merry Christmas Eve!

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  3. ☺️Hello!!!
    You may discover that there is so much more than you ever imagined after watching this video.
    Don’t worry, it took me a few years to comprehend it.
    ~Sweet Blessings to you~

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  4. I am not a Christian so I will not celebrate Christmas. I do not eat turkey, I do not decorate a tree. I am a Shinto.
    However, as a greeting to Christians celebrating the birth of Christ, I sent the message as courtesy of a different religion.
    The Religion which person believes, the country of the person, the identity of others etc … must cherish, just like oneself.
    I think. 😀

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  5. Well… Christmas isn’t really a Christian holiday. It was adopted from Sun worshippers, who called December 25th, the sun’s birthday and gave human sacrifices. It was later “Christianized” to try to convert the pagans. It isn’t a true Biblical day of celebration.
    So, I do not celebrate it.☺️☀️🌸☀️❄️

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