Travel By Faith

“Yahweh has called me to go. And He will make a way for me to get there, even if it’s just to walk straight on that plane. We just need to trust Him…”

This was part of the conversation I had with my parents just before they had to leave me, by faith, in Kansas City.

Yahweh had called me there and I knew He would take care of me all the way through this journey.

I was to spend a few days in Kansas at a convention, and then fly to Washington D.C.

The problem was, I was eighteen years old, and didn’t have a photo ID yet.

(Infact, my ID came in the mail, a week after I needed it to fly)

So, how was I to fly halfway across the country?

I called the airline,multiple times and they told me that I needed a Photo ID to fly.

With faith in our hearts, my parents left me in Kansas City, trusting Yahweh that I would be able travel.

My dear parents had to have had so much more faith then even me, at this time. I had never been away from home before like this.

Faith isn’t faith until it’s tried and tested. This is what happened.

Then, the morning came. It was my first time flying, so I was thankful to travel with three other girls.

It was a rainy morning and the sky was just beginning to lighten up, as we carried and pulled our luggage into the airport.

And then the moment came…

(I had brought with my birth certificate, though it wasn’t a “Photo ID” and I knew it really wouldn’t work. But I had seen Yahweh work miracles before.)

So, I walked up to the security guard and was in the process of pulling out my birth certificate and handing it to him, when he waved me on.

“But I’m eighteen.” I stated, rather shocked. But still, with a smile, he waved me on.

And so, I went through security and walked on that plane, without an ID.

Praise Yahweh!!!

So I did just walk on that plane…by faith!!!

I was even more thankful for this, when on my flight home,(when I had my ID that my parents had sent to me) I had to show my ID, three or four times!!!

Praise Yahweh indeed!!!

“All things are possible with Yahweh.”

~Luke 1:37


Bible verses:

“All things are possible…”

Matthew 17:20

Matthew 19:26

Mark 9:23

Mark 10:27

Mark 11:24

Luke 1:37

Luke 18:27

Romans 8:31

Jeremiah 32:17

Isaiah 46:10

Job 42:2

Genesis 18:14


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

~Philippians 4:13


This is just one of my testimonies of faith. May it inspire you. Praise Yahweh!!!

~Sweet Blessings~

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A blessing...I pray.

8 thoughts on “Travel By Faith

  1. Amen!! Amen!! Praise Yahweh!! Faith isn’t faith until it’s tried and tested. \0/\0/ I Strongly Agree!! ((Hugs)) πŸ™‚

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