To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Gentlemen,

As I am a young lady who desires to live her life to the fullest for Yahweh. I must tell you that it is quite thoughtful of you to follow and read this blog.

However, if your intentions are to learn and be taught by the words I do write, I must ask you to kindly unfollow me.

If you simply follow this blog to check for certain mistakes and rebuking, as a father or brother, then do I encourage your support, for I strive for the truth.

For, Yahweh’s Word tells that ladies should not teach or usurp authority over men. Therefore I hope you understand and will do likewise as Yahweh leads you.

Sweet Blessings,


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A blessing...I pray.

13 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern:

  1. Man is man woman is the woman and the Father knew what HE was doing. We are not the same but we are both loved by him the same. In marriage, we are one. If we respect our husband we will be happy if he is a Christian, if not, we must trust in the Lord. I think I kind of went off in my comment. LOL, I loved Jesus.

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  2. I would respectfully disagree that it would be wrong for a man to learn something from your blog. God gave some of His most important messages to women – that Messiah was to be born soon (Mary, Luke 1:26-36), that Jesus was the Messiah (woman at the well, John 4) and the best news of all – that Jesus had been raised from the dead (The group of women at the tomb)!
    The woman at the well ran and told the whole village about Jesus. The women at the tomb were told to go tell the men that He was risen (Mark 16:7), and when Jesus appeared to the Eleven, the first thing He did was rebuke them for not believing the women (Mark 16:14)!
    I admire your zeal and desire to serve the Lord with all your heart! But please be careful about taking a verse or two written to a very specific audience and trying to apply it to the whole Church throughout history. You may find yourself contradicting other Scripture and overlooking great women of faith like Deborah (Judges 4:4-5), Anna(Luke 2:38), and Priscilla (Acts 18:24-26). Galatians 3:28 says in Christ there is neither male nor female. Please don’t shut out men who want to read your blog for fear they might accidentally learn something from you! Ultimately God is the teacher of us all, and He just might want to use you. The way that you are yielded to Him, I wouldn’t be at all surprised. Stay humble and yielded, and just watch what He does.


  3. Thank you for your encouraging words. While yes, women have been used and can be used to tell of glorious news, I do not want to cross the line of authority.
    It would be wrong for me to speak and teach in front of an assembly, therefore as the internet is quite larger than this, I have been led to post my intentions of not crossing the authority line.
    Yahweh made us each different and special for a reason.
    The women who spoke out in the Bible were led by Yahweh. They spoke His words in a “thus says Yahweh” manner.
    There is a fine difference between repeating and speaking Yahweh’s words, and teaching men things.
    While I pray and believe that the words I write on this blog are His. I have been led to post my intentions not to teach men.
    Perhaps some gentleman will be “reminded” of something through my blog. As I have had happen in my life already, but I do not want to diminish respect for Yahweh’s order of authority.
    I hope you understand. Thank you for your support.🌸🌻🌷


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