Survey: Style and Modesty

Hello blogger friends and family!!!

Here is a little survey that I would love you, ladies, to take.

It is an anonymous style and fashion survey dealing with modesty.

Survey~ Click HERE

Thank you.

~Sweet Blessings!!!


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A blessing...I pray.

13 thoughts on “Survey: Style and Modesty

  1. I took the survey! Thanks for doing this 😊💕 I’d love to read posts from you on dressing modestly! It’s such a struggle in this day and age 😩 it is so hard for me to find clothes that fit me and glorify God.

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  2. That’s great, Joy! Thanks for making the survey. I made a post on modesty. You can type in the search bar “My thoughts in modesty” and it will come up-I would give you a link but this is on a phone, haha.

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  3. I took the survey, and I liked the questions that were asked! Modesty is a very important thing for Christians because we need to dress in way that will glorify God. Blessings to you! 🎕

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  4. Modesty does not have to be a struggle. (As in every time you go shopping or pick an outfit from your wardrobe)
    Also ask yourself, how can God see what I’m wearing as immodest if I am only wearing it to please him?

    I dont know if what I’m about to say makes it any more clear but here I go: I know there are many people who struggle with modesty whether it’s trying to find more modest clothes or trying to wear less skimpy clothes. But the problem with their modesty situation is that they seek advice from other people and then incorporate everyone’s standards. Whether its Christian’s, family, friends, and other people who dress (or want to dress) in a similar way. The disappointing fact is that the people they go ruining to for advice are the very people they end up pleasing. And because its impossible to please multiple people they will always struggle with modesty.

    God doesn’t want you to go to your neigbour about modesty he wants you to go to him about modesty because He is the one you need to please, and not other people. Yes, you can go to those people because they honestly mean well and their is some good to come from it. But in the end you need to pick who your focus is on. And I find its alot easier to please one than many.

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  5. I do agree with you that each person has their own definition of modesty. Therefore, we should look to Yahweh (God), our Creator, for the true definition of modesty.🌸 Sweet Blessings to you!!!

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