A few answers to the questions you may be asking.

1. Q-Who is Yahweh?

A- Yahweh (YHWH) is the true Hebrew name of God. It carries the meaning of “He is”or “He causes to be”.

2. Q- Who is Yahushua?

A- Yahushua is our Saviour’s true name in the original Hebrew.

3.Q- Who is Elohim?

A- ‘Elohim’ is Hebrew for God.

4. Q- Are all the photos on this site your own?

A- Yes, unless otherwise noted at the end of a post, I have taken the photos.

5. Q- Do you know of any other blogs or websites that discuss the same topics as this blog?

A- I know of one website that has been an inspiration and resource to me. I would only recommend it if you are a serious truth seeker. The name of it is Eliyah.com. It may just change your life!!!! But remember, nothing is more important than studying Yahweh’s Word, the Bible.

6.Q- Do you support the ads on your blog?

A-* No, I do not. I do not support any ads that may be displayed on my blog. I am deeply sorry for any inconveniences.*

*UPDATE* This blog is now ad-free!!! Praise Yahweh!

If you have any other questions, please contact me through the Contact Page.

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