Challenge: A Most Challenging Riddle

Here is a very complicated riddle. Can you guess it??? Tell us in the comments.

“Beyond the deep blue sea, lies an apple that you can’t see.

The place is hot, but sand is scarce. An ocean breeze is a walk, from a hillsome valley,full of rolling rocks.

When you travel just a step, can you see that apple slip? Or just a big rock fall from the sky, an inch from you?

To find an apple, must you take a boat to cross the sea, with me?

And, when the night draws near,dreams go on in bed, as you sleep,so near. An apple dream that you may find.”

Hmmm… Have you solved it??? Tell us in the comments!!!

Published by Rebbeca~Joy18

A blessing...I pray.

11 thoughts on “Challenge: A Most Challenging Riddle

  1. Interesting challenge. I’ve read the riddle several times. My own thoughts and heart spiritually speaking, tell me
    the entirety of the riddle speaks as man wanting to redeem himself from ‘the fall’. The apple/fruit our first parents ate symbolizes the fall, and how we wish we could reverse it with this other one.
    It’s as though we’re reaching for this hidden paradise/truth in the symbolism of this hidden apple. We want to do an about-face, a change of mind (heart). We walk through trials and mishaps that scourges, hanging on, and depending on our view, if we doubt paradise slips. Only with Jesus’ saving grace (‘take a boat ride with me’) can we safely find it.

    I might be way off in my thinking, giving it a spiritual outlook, but this is what it’s saying to me.
    On another thought and a secular view, this hidden apple in the sea can be a volcanic lava forming to become a beautiful island.
    The hidden message in this is profound. I’d be curious to know the answer to this riddle (if there is one).

    Thank you for the mind provoking riddle. Blessings to you.
    Keep looking up for the horizon of His coming is near…

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  2. Praise YAHWEH!!!!
    You are so right. It is the hidden truth that we seek…and find through Yahushua (Jesus).
    Also, because of this, we are made new and beautiful.
    Thank you for solving this challenging riddle!!!
    Sweet Blessings to you!!!🌻

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  3. Praise His Holy Name! Amen.
    And sweet of you to say, the credit goes to the Lord for His inspiration.

    We’re all searching for truth but unfortunately few find it for it begins with believing where everything originated from. “In the beginning…”
    May Yahweh bless you, richly! 🙂

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