The Unbelievable Truth about HIS Name

So, you want to know why I am learning Hebrew….

Well, I am a truth-seeker, I want to know the truth. I have read so many different translations of the Bible. They all say the same thing, but in a different way. Many people have many different interpretations for verses in Bible.

So, in all this chaotic confusion, I want to know the simple truth.

That is why I am learning Hebrew, so that I can read the original Hebrew text of the Bible.

One thing that I have learned, is that the true name of God is YAHWEH.

YAHWEH’s name has been found in the Bible nearly 7,000 times and in the dead sea scrolls over 2,200 times.

YAHWEH carries the meaning of “He is”, or “He causes to be.”

In Exodus 3:15, YAHWEH says that His name is:

“My memorial unto all generations.”

If you know more than one language, you understand that personal names don’t translate over languages.

So, my question after discovering this was, Why is the name of YAHWEH not in our English translation of the Bible???

I found these reasons, or rather excuses:

“It’s used in most English versions”

“We’re following an ancient tradition”

“Use of any proper name…is entirely inappropriate”

“It lacks devotional qualities”

What!?! We are not using the name of our Almighty Creator, because of these excuses!!!

Look at the lies that we are believing, ladies and gentlemen!!!!

I just learned this recently!

This is unbelievable!!!

But we better believe it, because it’s true!!!

Tell us in the comments what you think of this.

Did you know YAHWEH’s true name???

What do you think of the excuses given for not putting YAHWEH’s name in our Bibles???

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One thought on “The Unbelievable Truth about HIS Name

  1. That’s really interesting. I know His name (well one of the many names 🙂 ) to be “I AM” and it definitely seems that that is synonymous with the meaning behind YAHWEH as well.

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