Once upon a Bible

Once upon a Time, I read the whole Bible, and then became bored.

This is a true story, but it does not end here.

Once, I did read the entire Bible. In fact, I have read it one and a half times.

But just as I have already told you, I became bored.

After growing up in the Bible, I knew it inside and out, or so it seemed.

Sure, I want to live my life for YAHWEH, but what more is there to learn?

So, during this time of boredom, I began to go from reading my Bible hours a day, to minutes a day, to hardly seconds a day, to really, not at all.

Once I reached that point, I really didn’t notice anything wrong or different. Life went on. I knew the Bible. I believe it. I was following it.

Sure, but then, I began to wonder things. Very important things.

I didn’t realize it at first, but then I began to realize that something was missing…

You sure can’t get through Texas without a map or a guide book.

So, how can we go through life without a guide book??? The guide book for life is the Bible, YAHWEH’s Word.

Once, a while after the beginning of this story, I realized that I didn’t know everything, and if I did, I didn’t understand it as I should.

“And if any one thinks he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.”

~1 Corinthians 8:2

So, if your in a similar situation, remember this,

You do not know everything. No one can possibly know everything,

and know it right. So keep learning. Keep seeking.

And so, I began to read my Bible, once again. It was hard at first, because when Satan thinks he has you trapped, he sure isn’t going to be happy when you start learning the truth again.

“Submit yourselves therefore to YAHWEH. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” ~James 4:7

So when you are tempted to not study your Bible, remember the enemy and don’t let him win.

And so, happily ever after (I hope and pray) me and my Bible will seek YAHWEH and grow in His truth.

The End…

…For now.

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

3 thoughts on “Once upon a Bible

  1. I know you probably did not mean this, but you accidentally capitalized the pronoun He when it was referred to Satan. I am very used to capitalizing anything related to God so I understand the mistake, just thought you might want to know 🙂

    This was the part so it is easier to find. “because when Satan thinks He has you trapped..”

    I really believe the more we read the Bible the more that gets revealed to us. If we are simply reading it to read the Bible, that’s not enough. We must seek God in all things and I think that helps our desire to see His truth and new lessons when we open up His word. 🙂

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