When She Taught To The Grave

A slight cool breeze was all that could be felt on that foggy wet day.

It was like a dream that never went away…a horrid dream.

Dressed in black, her mud covered shoes rubbed blisters on her feet, as she silently strolled down the old dirt road.

As she neared the graveyard, she fell to the muddy ground in tears.

And in the near distance,a small crowd stood somber. In front of them, one man with a shovel in hand, proceeded to fill the new grave.

With each shovel of dirt that entered that grave, deep regret pierced her heart like arrows…and her ever pleading words echoed in the air, “I didn’t mean to…”

So…maybe this is a little bit too harsh. But this brings up to a very important truth that we must face.

What would that be exactly?

Well, as I explain, please hear me out. This is for you especially, ladies.

The Bible tells us a lot of things that we should keep deep in our hearts.

I am a young lady, so I can speak on behalf of woman. This is not what some man somewhere said. This does not make us any less important than men.

Infact, what I want to share with you, is about the power we have.

Ladies, this story shows how we have the power of life and death.


By how we act, dress, and live.

I grew up around boys and guys. This doesn’t make me an expert. But I have noticed that Yahweh has made men and boys very different from us.

Yahweh created us women, a little different than men.

Men were created for a special purpose.

Women were created for a special purpose.

There is a lot to study on this subject. But that doesn’t have to make it complicated.

In this day and age, the world tries to tell us that there is no difference between male and female.

But we know this is not true, because the Bible tells us so.

Yahweh made men and boys different from us in many ways. One difference, is that they are very visual.

This is why things like pornography are so appealing to them in a bad way…leading them to death.

But guess what, ladies?

We have the ability to make a difference! We have the power to lead them to the grave or to life!

We tend to go through life without realizing the good and bad effects we have on those around us.

How can we have a great lasting effect on our brothers, fathers, boyfriends, and random strangers we meet throughout our days?

By using our Yahweh-given power to do good and not evil.

This is real girl power!!!

Let’s examine our lives and see if we are using our power, in every way, for great things!!!


Sweet Blessings to you!!!


Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

2 thoughts on “When She Taught To The Grave

  1. AMEN! I taught middle school and high school for years, and I always told the girls that if they wanted to be treated like ladies, they needed to talk like ladies, act like ladies, and yes, dress like ladies. The students were assigned their places at tables, boy-girl-boy-girl, and they would come in, set their books down, and stay standing.
    When everyone had arrived for class, I would say, “Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated.” The gentlemen would pull out the chairs for the ladies, and the ladies would smile, say “Thank you,” and sit down. The students LOVED it! The girls loved being treated with respect, and the boys loved seeing how a little respect went a long way to get a smile from a young lady. 😉

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