If The Sky Is Blue

If the sky is blue and the green grass grows... If the flowers bloom and the bees abuzz... Here we are in a unique world. Everything happening at a certain time. From the smallest cells to outer space... everything is in the perfect place. In our everyday lives, we tend to see the many mistakes… Continue reading If The Sky Is Blue

A Graduate’s Thoughts

Every life has a story, including mine. So much has happened since I was born. Yet my life has just begun. Now I am faced with the question of what to do with my life? This is the question that every graduate faces. For many, this is a hard question. It is no longer what… Continue reading A Graduate’s Thoughts

The Whole Truth

I grew up in a Christian home with a desire to read and study the Bible. This has not changed. I love Yahweh and His Word. I strive to live my life for Him, with the Bible as my guide. Yet, in my studying, I came to realize that what the Bible said and what… Continue reading The Whole Truth

When She Taught To The Grave

A slight cool breeze was all that could be felt on that foggy wet day. It was like a dream that never went away...a horrid dream. Dressed in black, her mud covered shoes rubbed blisters on her feet, as she silently strolled down the old dirt road. As she neared the graveyard, she fell to… Continue reading When She Taught To The Grave