Take It To Yahweh In Prayer

I arose, half asleep out of the bed and swallowed hard. The pain was piercing. Nooooo! Not today!

I hate sour throats…every one does I’m sure. But that day was a terrible day for me to have a sour throat.

It was the final day of the academy and I needed to give my final presentation.

How was I going to speak with a sour throat???

As I knelt in agony, I decided that I was going to ask the One who had brought me here. I prayed and asked Yahweh what I should do.

I had just a couple hours before my presentation and I knew Yahweh would heal my sore throat so that I could speak.

Yahweh told me to buy three things for my sore throat. So, I went to the nearby store and bought apple sauce, apple cider vinegar, and fizzy mineral water.

I took these back to my room and prayed again. Yahweh is so amazing!!!

It happened that the apple sauce was in those squeeze packets. So, first, I slowly ate some apple sauce. Then a cape full of apple cider vinegar. Then some fizzy mineral water.

I began to feel better.

So there I was, in the early morning of my last day, slowly eating apple sauce and drinking mineral water, while editing my presentation.

Praise Yahweh, that my sour throat was diminished and I was able to give my final presentation, prepared and on time.

Praise Yahweh indeed!!!

There is nothing too big or too small, for Yahweh to do.

Sweet Blessings!


Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

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