Take It To Yahweh In Prayer

I arose, half asleep out of the bed and swallowed hard. The pain was piercing. Nooooo! Not today!

I hate sour throats…every one does I’m sure. But that day was a terrible day for me to have a sour throat.

It was the final day of the academy and I needed to give my final presentation.

How was I going to speak with a sour throat???

As I knelt in agony, I decided that I was going to ask the One who had brought me here. I prayed and asked Yahweh what I should do.

I had just a couple hours before my presentation and I knew Yahweh would heal my sore throat so that I could speak.

Yahweh told me to buy three things for my sore throat. So, I went to the nearby store and bought apple sauce, apple cider vinegar, and fizzy mineral water.

I took these back to my room and prayed again. Yahweh is so amazing!!!

It happened that the apple sauce was in those squeeze packets. So, first, I slowly ate some apple sauce. Then a cape full of apple cider vinegar. Then some fizzy mineral water.

I began to feel better.

So there I was, in the early morning of my last day, slowly eating apple sauce and drinking mineral water, while editing my presentation.

Praise Yahweh, that my sour throat was diminished and I was able to give my final presentation, prepared and on time.

Praise Yahweh indeed!!!

There is nothing too big or too small, for Yahweh to do.

Sweet Blessings!


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