German in a Nazi-Hating World

A few times in my life, I have had a couple people ask me,”So, your last name is a German name isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” I would reply with a smile. And they would smile back… most of the time.

On one occasion, a certain person,who was very friendly, suddenly wanted nothing to do with me after finding out my last name was German.

I can’t say what the reason was, because only Yahweh can read thoughts.

But it is quite possible that it had to do with the fact that I have German in my blood. In a world that remembers what those terrible Nazi Germans did, perhaps that certain person may have made up their mind to hate all Germans and have nothing to do with them. Therefore, I made it on their list of ‘Do not associate with’.

First of all, I am an American. I was born here. I grew up here. I have never left the country. I am an American.

I do have a German last name, and a bit of German in my blood. But I also have Polish, Russian…….you know.

I do NOT certainly support the Nazi, nor do I like what they did.

So, how can someone look at me, a born American, and say that because I have a German name, I am a Nazi supporter???

It just isn’t true. But is believed anyway.

This is just one example of the dangers of assuming and judging others.

I do not mean to judge this person, (which is why I am not telling you who it is) but this got me thinking about a very important truth that we all seem to get lost in.

I myself have found that I tend to assume things about others that I don’t know to be true. I tend to judge others and this can lead to trouble.

One afternoon, as I took a walk down my home street, I looked at all my neighbor’s houses. And I began to wonder…

What things did I assume about them when I first met them?

How did this affect how I treated them?

Did the things that I assumed turn out to be true?

What about all the other people in my life?

Have I assumed things about others that lead me to treating them different, gossiping and lying about them or feeling sorry when something I thought was true, turned out to be false???

There was once an older gentleman, who I met just once. Not long after meeting him, I found myself listening to a conversation a few others were having about him.

They were trying to figure out what his occupation was, using there best judgement. They knew him not and had just met him, as I had. They came to the conclusion that he was a pastor, on the little bit that they knew about him.

I wasn’t sure if this was true or not, but it seemed so plausible, that I was actually believing it. A while later, I found out that he was actually a teacher.

It’s times like this when you realize you have a big problem.

It is one thing to think, “O this little boy doesn’t want a cookie, I wonder why?”

As opposed to thinking, “O he will not eat a cookie, his parents must be very strict with him.”

You will feel very bad when you meet his loving parents and find out that he is allergic to wheat and therefore could not eat your cookies.

Bad or good example, this is a very real problem that we all have at some point or another.

Just like the fact that I have German in my blood, does NOT certainly mean that I am a Nazi supporter. I am NOT.

We can see how this can lead to division, hate instead of love, pride, and judging others. Which can lead to rumors….and trouble.

Whether it’s what some one does, says, how they look, or what they believe, we can not just assume of them what we do not know. That would be judging and leads to trouble.

Be careful when you begin to judge others. Take every thought captive.

What do you assume about others? Is it really true?

~Sweet Blessings~


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A blessing...I pray.

14 thoughts on “German in a Nazi-Hating World

  1. It’s not you it’s them. And I hope we never forget the Holocaust. Still and all, it never ceases to amaze me how people (some) have nothing better to do than pull hate right out of thin air. It is only the narrow-minded and afraid who seek to diminish —sometimes demonize— perfectly innocent people, in order that they feel superior. There is probably a name for it, but I admire your grace in the face of such cruel ignorance. What’s that saying? If you assume you make an A*S out of U and M-E. You have a lovely soul. Keep it pure, always.

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  2. Thank you. Yes, to remember the Holocaust. I visited the Holocaust museum is D.C. It was the saddest museum that I have ever visited.
    Sweet Blessings to you!!!🌸

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  3. Hello Joy! People seems to get judging wrong. Judging is when you tell some one they going to hell.. that’s judging because we can’t tell anyone that because we don’t know them. If you don’t no someone and you say all this stuff about that person yes that’s being judgmental because your facts can be so wrong about a person.. I’ve been in your shoes before because I hung out with another person outside my race and they felt like she did witchcraft.. she wasn’t into it as I know but you just can’t judge people bc of their past etc etc.. that’s mean of the person who doesn’t want to deal with you bc you have a German last name or bc you got a little German blood in you.. it’s funny how ppl think because at the end of the day we all bleed the same color which is Red… we are all child of God… we will pray for whomever this person is.. your such a sweet heart Joy and many blessings to you.. when you get time listen to this song by For King & Country The Name of the song is God Only Knows…

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  4. Believe me, I have trouble with judging, in many regards.
    But I wanna just say, I find it funny how people can judge others, who are Germans, because of what the Nazis did- which was hateful. Because judging can be hateful!
    So it’s like, “I don’t like that you were mean to that girl, so I’ll be mean to you!”…what does that fix?

    HalleluYah that He change me!

    Anyways, thanks for the post.

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