Modesty Survey: Results

A few weeks ago, I put out a survey about style and modesty for ladies.

Here are the results.

13 anonymous ladies, young and old, completed this survey.

1. I will buy and wear this outfit…

0%~If it looks good, Feels good, and my friends like it.

69.23%~If it is modest, ladylike, and Yahweh (God and Bible) -approved

0%~It doesn’t matter. It’s just clothes.

°If it’s attractive without being overpriced, immodest, or ostentatious.°

°If it is a too-short dress, I will wear leggings°

°Definitely if it is modest, also if it feels right. I do not care about what my friends say.°
°God doesn’t care about how you dress but how your heart is when you’re wearing it.°

2. Modest clothing is…

0%~Not important, old-fashioned, outdated, and not for me.

69.23%~All I wear. Modest is the perfect definition of my clothes and I love it and you can’t change my mind.

15.38%~Good. I try to be modest. I don’t wear anything that is too tight. But I don’t want to stand out as the outdated girl.

15.38%~ Other-
°My preference, but my weight fluctuates so much that I struggle to wear modest pants and even shirts.°

°Let’s just say if it’s something you wouldn’t normally wear and wearing it makes you feel exposed well then ask yourself why are you wearing it°

3. Being modest is…
0%~Doesn’t matter.

61.54%~Not wearing tight clothes, not showing off my body’s form, wearing longer dresses or skirts, and dressing to please Yahweh (God).

0%~Not being skimpy. The way I dress doesn’t affect anyone but me, as long as I am not naked.

°Modesty isn’t just not showing off one’s body. Wearing clothes that are obviously expensive, overdoing jewelry and makeup – anything that says “Hey, look at me!” – is immodest.°

°Very important to me, even when it’s hard to buy modest clothes.°

°I wear skinny jeans but I don’t show my chest and my bra straps. I feel like these options are either way modest or not modest at all, so that’s why I hit others. You can look at my blog post to see my beliefs more clearly if this doesn’t make sense. 🙂 Being modest is super important!! Men are attracted to beauty and you don’t need to awaken “love” before its time if you know what I mean.°

°I dress modestly but don’t wear long skirts, and I normally wear jeans or longer jean shorts that are not too tight°

°A heart issue because we all know the girl who is trying too hard to be immodest even when her clothes are saying otherwise°

4. Do you have any clothes in your closet that are not modest?

0%~Yes, and it doesn’t matter!

0%~No, but I wish I did.

15.38%~Yes, and I am going to clean out all that is not modest right now!!!

61.54%~No, and I’m so glad that I don’t.


°I don’t believe I do, but if I do, I probably never wear it.°

°Yes. I wear indoor for my husband°

5. What is modest clothing?
°It’s not clothing that is deliberately ugly or frumpy! I think modest clothing enhances a lady’s looks and identifies her as a LADY, who has respect for herself, as well as others. Dressing in a way that “turns guys on” is being inconsiderate of the men, especially Christian brothers who are trying to live godly lives. (Modest clothing also causes others to respect YOU.)°

°Attractive clothing that is not revealing of a woman’s body.°

°Clothing that is not dowdy, is classic, tasteful and dignified°

°Not Wearing clothes that can show private parts of our body°

°Wearing outfits that please God & aren’t revealing in any way.°

°Being modest is not showing your chest, (women don’t seem to get that nowadays), your bra straps are meant to be shown or your stomach, if you have jewels on your jeans (on your behind) it is immodest because jewels attract the eye. I still think you can look cute and not poor which people disagree with.°

°It is show-y, and it is not approved by God and parents°

°Clothing that is not revealing and reflects your love for God. Everyone has different convictions of modest such as length of skirt, pants, etc.°

°Clothing that does not bring attention to yourself.°

°Clothes are as modest as you want them to be. If you think wearing spaghetti straps is immodest but you wear one anyway well you’re being immodest. But if you don’t think that it’s immodest and you have no problem wearing one cuz it’s just like wearing any old t-shirt well then. Modest clothing (or covering up) shouldn’t be worn out of fear but out of love for yourself and the other people around you. The only person to really fear is God and what can he do to you if you are serving him as you are meant to be? Ask yourself how can your clothes be immodest if they are meant to please God?°

°Clothing that doesn’t reveal what I don’t share outside of my husband. Is dignified. Simple. Feminine°

°–One Skipped–°

6.What are the hardest challenges in dressing modestly? (Check all that apply)
15.38%~Being different. Standing out.

0%~My boyfriend or husband

0%~My friends and family

38.46%~Finding modest clothing

0%~Not knowing what modesty truly is

°I don’t have any problem with it. I know where to find the right kind of clothes for me, and no one has ever given me a hard time about what I wear.°

°I have no problem°

°It’s not really challenging for me. I guess it’s because my parents raise my siblings and I to not dress immodest°

°…I don’t have any…°

°Nothing really, but sometimes standing out, but that isn’t really a problem either.°

°Those challenges have been overcome. As an older woman, I depend on the Lord’s leading for all my clothes.°

°The hardest thing about modesty is dressing to please others (or everyone). That’s the truth°

7.What are your styles? (Check all that apply)

8.What are the most Modest Bible-Approved styles? (Check all that apply)

°The Bible only says that women should dress modestly and that our beauty should not come from fancy hairdos, jewelry, and expensive dresses (although it doesn’t say that we shouldn’t wear them). (I Peter 3:3)°

°Honestly, I think for all of them, it depends on what you buy. Sometimes, not everything in that one category is appropriate.°

°I think it depends. You never should be GOTH-EVERRR. I think we should be proud of our gender so not too boyish, but I think that’s okay°

°you can dress and be modest in many different styles°

°Trick of the trade. Please God with your clothing and you’ll find yourself less worried about what other people think. When you start worrying about how others will perceive your attire (whether that is dressing immodestly or modesty to impress) you’ll begin caring less about what God’s preference is.°

°No clue°

9.Have you ever made your own clothes?
0%~Yes! I make most of my clothes.

30.77%~No. I have never sewn clothes, nor do I want to. Shopping is better.

15.38%~Yes, sometimes.

15.38%~No, but I really want to.

15.38%~I am learning to sew and make clothes right now!

°I have made some things in the past, but I wasn’t very good at it, and it’s much easier and quicker (and cheaper!) for me to occasionally go to a thrift store. I think the Lord helps me find great stuff there because He knows I’d rather spend my time (and money) ministering to people or writing than focusing on clothes.°

°I used to when I was younger.°

°I have made 4 items in my entire life°

10. Do you believe that modest clothing is outdated and old-fashioned?

0%~No. Everything goes these days.

53.85%~No. It doesn’t matter what others think, only what our Heavenly Father wills.

0%~Yes. Definitely!

0%~Yes, So not in this century!!! I don’t want to wear costumes.

76.92%~No, there are many styles that can be appropriately modest and yet not outdated.


°No. Fashion is always changing and cycling through the system.°

~The end of the survey~


What did you think of this survey? Is it what you expected?

Thank you to all who completed this survey!!!

~Sweet Blessings!!!


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9 thoughts on “Modesty Survey: Results

  1. I agree that the definition of modesty includes not wearing clothes that are too revealing. I also think it includes wearing clothes that are not outrageously expensive. I can’t imagine spending the kind of money some celebrities spend on clothes. As a pastor at a church of my childhood was fond of saying, “If you can afford all those fancy clothes and cars, you can afford to put more in the offering plate!”

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