Modesty. What is it?

Modesty is a complicated matter. Especially true modesty.

So, maybe you won’t agree with everything I have to say. But I have spent the last couple of weeks, praying, seeking, and pondering the truth in this matter.

It is very dear and deep in my heart, and I want to share it with you.

It is my full desire to live my life for Yahweh. Therefore, I look to Him for the answers of how to live.

I have noticed that there are many who believe that modesty is important. But each person has their own definition of what modesty truly is.

While I, myself, even have a good definition of modesty, I don’t believe that this is enough.

So, I have been seriously seeking Yahweh’s truth, as to what HIS definition of what modesty is.

After all, He is our Creator. Yahweh made us, and He made modesty.

Let’s seek our Creator’s definition of modesty. Please join me in studying Biblical modest, and tell me your thoughts at the conclusion.

Modesty can mean both in manner and in dress. They tend to go together, because the way you dress affects how you act and how others see you.

The first instance of clothing in the Bible was right after Adam and Eve sinned.

“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.” ~Genesis 3:7

This covering is a loin cloth or girdle of fig leaves. It would be the modern equivalent of shorts.

I realize that many people wear shorts, especially in the Summer. But we have to wonder how modest these are when we read what happened next.

“Yahweh Elohim (God) made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” ~Genesis 3:21

When we read Chapter 3 in Genesis we see that the covering that they had made was not enough, it was not modest and did not cover their nakedness.

So, Yahweh made them a new perfect covering that was modest and covered their nakedness.

This garment of skins, was a tunic, a long shirt-like garment. Also called a robe or coat, or for ladies, a dress. It covers from the shoulders down. Though, it is not known how far down it went.

Photos of ancient artwork give us some examples of what they wore in the Bible era. Click HERE for just one.

~A tunic has sleeves that go down the arm about halfway in between the shoulder and elbow.

This ensures that if you lift up your arms, certain private areas will not be seen.

~Also, the tunic goes down to about midcalf or the middle of the knees and ankles.

This insures that when you sit down, certain private areas will not be shown.

We need to take this seriously!!! Yahweh has show us what modesty is!!!

Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.

Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.

Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.” ~Isaiah 47:1-3

These verses tell of a judgement, where they are shamed… How it is a shame to be naked… And this gives us a glimpse as to what nakedness is.

Bare legs… uncovered thigh…

And thou shalt make them linen breeches to cover their nakedness; from the loins even unto the thighs they shall reach.” ~Exodus 28:42

This was Yahweh’s command concerning the priest’s garments. It is yet another example of how important thigh exposure is.

Thigh exposure is a big deal, because it is not modest. Therefore, we should be sure to cover our nakedness and be modest.

I realize that some people believe that it is fine to show your form because that’s how Yahweh made us.

But, in that case, we must ask, what the purpose of clothing is? To be fabric on skin?

Biblically speaking, there is only one person who should see your form, that is, your spouse.

Wearing tight clothing displays your body’s form and nakedness to the world. Yahweh tells us to cover ourselves and be modest.

So, what is true, Biblical modesty?

~Shirts and tops should cover the area below the collarbone, covering the full torso area.

~Shirts and tops should be long enough and loose enough to hide the shape of the rear.

~Shirts and tops have sleeves that go down the arm about halfway in between the shoulder and elbow.

~Shirts and tops should cover the reproductive parts when sitting down and standing up with your hands in the air.

~ Pants, for both genders, should be loose, not tight against the skin, so as to wrap tightly around the thighs, which is a private area according to Scripture.

~Dresses should not wrap tightly around the rear, or the waist/ belly area, which accentuates the shape of the rear and the shape of her chest.

~Dresses should go down to about midcalf or the middle of the knees and ankles.

I deeply encourage you to seek out the true meaning of modesty. If you don’t agree with what I have written, please let me know.

I want to know and do as our Heavenly Father truly wills, including being modest.

I have studied and heard what others have discovered. With great persistence and prayer, I have written this.

I am not saying that I am perfect. I, myself, will be changing my wardrobe because of this study.

Please, let me know all your thoughts, comments, and questions.

~Sweet Blessings!!!


A resource to this post has been For a five-part video study on modesty, CLICK HERE.
Photo by Pexels.


Published by Rebbeca~Joy18

A blessing...I pray.

65 thoughts on “Modesty. What is it?

  1. I am not against shorts, even shorter shorts nor I against dresses that show your figure, but your chest, bra, behind…covered completely. I hate it when shirts are so cute but they go down SO far! You have a good perspective, nice job.

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    1. I’d just like to ask why you are ok with shorts and showing figure?
      I personally want to dress as our Creator intended. And by study and looking up the definitions, it appears that even my ‘skirts and dresses only, and to the knees’ modesty definition is not the same as our Heavenly Father’s definition of modesty.
      I don’t want to agrue or look down on you, I just don’t understand. Could you please explain why?
      ๐ŸŒธSweet Blessings!!!

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      1. Hey, Joy! I think shorts and showing your figure are okay. In the Isaiah scripture where it says, “make bear thy thigh…” it is saying your entire thigh, and I’m not showing my upper things, that is immodest. I am showing part of my thigh, but that verse is saying “nakedness” I’m not naked when I wear shorts. Modesty, in my opinion, also has to go on what your culture is. Modesty is also about not standing out. IF you’re saying the Bible says “tunics” we’re not wearing tunics, we’re wearing shirts, it’s the same principles-things change as culture does, because if you are “too” modest, (blue jean skirt, tennis-shoes, hair not fixed or “adorned”), then you are standing out because you are SO different. On Exodus 28:42-that was for priests specifically, they had way more regulations then other people do, and “loins” (said in that verse), are not thighs, but it does say thighs, I know, but priests were held to a different set of rules in certain cases.
        I don’t wear skin tight stuff, that is immodest. I am saying I can have a “shaped” dress where it’s not “flat” all the way down, I’m not saying skin tight every curve tight, I am saying it doesn’t have to be straight down.
        Your verses are good, but I don’t think your interpretation is perfect. (No offense, nobody’s is).

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      2. So, it says we should not show our entire thigh, but it is fine to show part of it?
        Is not nakedness the opposite of modesty?
        I am not sure where in the Bible it says that modesty is not standing out? Does it not tell us that as Followers of Christ, we WILL stand out and be persecuted? That we are different and should not conform to the world?
        Most people today do not where a tunic. But, knowing what a tunic covers, shows us what we should be covered. We can’t get better clothing than the one our Creator made right?
        Some people may be “too modest” and dress as a bundled up snowman. But, how can it be too modest, to dress Biblically modest as our Creator intended?
        Perhaps the priest’s garments are not an example for us, but there are other verses that tell us the same thing as this. It is just another example.
        It can be extremely difficult to stand out and be different. But there are too many verses in the Bible to count, that tell us that we are and will be different and have nothing in common with the world.
        Our heavenly Father wants our entire lives. He died for us, and He wants us to do His will. Our lives are not our own. Some day, we may be faced with death, will we deny Him?
        Why should we deny Him in the small things? Let’s live, and do everything to the will of Yahweh (God)!!!

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      3. Okay. Yes, we can show the lower part of our thigh. Nakedness is the opposite of modesty, but wearing shorts is not nakedness.
        We are made to stand out for Christ, but Christ isn’t on our clothes. We shouldn’t stand out for any other reason BESIDES Him. If you are modest with your clothes people won’t be like “woah…” as you pass by and all that; modesty is not just not showing certain things but not drawing attention to yourself, (showing cleavage does that), and wearing something completely different-such as wearing a blue-jean skirt, is immodest because you stand out in today’s culture. Being modest, in my opinion, you can be cute and look nice but still be very modest.
        Joy18, I want to serve Him and this isn’t meant in any mean way, I’m just debating based on my principles. I do not stand for “daisy dukes” and jewels on your pants back pockets, (it draws attention to your behind and to me that’s incredibly immodest), I think leather pants, for example, are bad (they are SO tight), and I’m not for skin tight, I just wear “slim” or “skinny” jeans.

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      4. Ariana, my intention is not to judge you in any way either. If we debate Back and forth based on our personal opinions, it will do no good, only create enemies.
        I believe that the Bible is Yahweh’s (God’s) Word, and I believe that it is His authority on truth.
        Modesty is a very important topic and I have just discovered that many of my own clothes (many favorites) are not modest by HIS standards. Therefore, I have a new definition of modesty based on the Bible. There is a part of what many say is modesty that I know is in the Bible, but I am just not sure about. Deep in my heart, I know it’s true, but it doesn’t seem necessary or important. It would definitely be standing out. But, if it is Yahweh’s will, I will do so in a second. I am just not at the point of clearly believing, knowing how to do it, and doing it.
        But, starting small, I began this study, to find out if my definition of what I thought was modest, is. But, I have found out that I was wrong in certain areas.
        I personally own two blue jean skirts, one of which is my favorite skirt. No one has ever teased me or said a thing about me wearing a skirt instead of pants or shorts. Infact, I am treated quite like a lady.
        I am sorry if you have had bad experiences with them.
        I don’t understand where it says that the lower part of our thigh can be shown?
        If you study the Original Hebrew words and meanings behind Genesis 3:7 and 21, you will see that what they had made was the equivalent to shorts, which does not cover there nakedness. Therefore, Yahweh (God) made the perfect covering/clothes.
        Funny you said that, Galatians 3:27 and Romans 13:14 says to be clothed in Christ. But many times does the Bible tell us that He is concerned about the way we dress.
        We stand out because we live for Him in doing His will. Doesn’t this include everything we do, including the way we dress?
        Sweet Blessings!!!

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      5. You have very good refutes, I love that. *highfives*
        But, on a more serious note: I get what you are saying. I personally love going back to the roots words, because things can be mis-interpreted. We do stand out for Christ and we can stand out for Christ, (be modest), but still not draw attention to ourselves. Our ACTIONS (say, do…) stand for us not just our clothes, and standing out is not good unless it is for what you say/do. 1 Sam. 16:7 says God looks in the heart, and so I think that is more important than looking nice, for sure, and I think it is also the reason behind why you are being modest. But wearing a t-shirt isn’t a problem to me. God made us, well, us, (Eph. 2:10), and I don’t think we have to hide everything He made.

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      6. We don’t have to “hide” everything, just what He says to cover.
        Adam and Eve were ‘naked’ in the garden of Eden and it was fine. Yahweh created everything and said that it was good. Perfect.
        It was after the great fall…after they disobeyed…after sin came into the world, that we became naked and needed to be covered. Of course, we are specially made, but like many other things, sin is the answer to why we must cover ourselves.
        We, and many others, are growing up in a culture that is not ashamed of nakedness. Therefore, like many other bad things, it becomes normal and seeing the truth is much harder.
        Just think of the people who live shirtless or naked in many parts of the world. It is not Immodest to them, it is normal.
        I realize that you disagree with some of what I have said, and that’s ok. Each one of us are at different places on our walk of faith. I’m not saying that I’m better than you. I’m sure you know things that I do not yet. Just the same as many other people in our lives.
        Sweet Blessings to you, Ariana!!!

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      7. Sweet blessings to you, too! I agree with the Fall and the culture point you have. It is hard to see the truth.
        I think modesty is (very) cultural, for example: in France you will be called a “hussy” if you wear shorts, but it’s not because their modest, (don’t go to a French beach), it’s just a way of life, they don’t wear shorts. You can’t wear jeans in an African tribe, blue jeans aren’t a thing in a lot of places over there, (that’s not a problem, it’s just their culture). And certain things are immodest simply because you look (so) different you look weird which draws attention to you, and I don’t think you should do that based on what you wear but what you say and do and what you live out. Drawing attention to yourself, besides for those reasons, seems prideful and God detests pride.

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      8. Oh no! Sorry, I must have said that wrong, haha. That’s not what I meant. Dressing the way He says is right. (NO offense), but you’re saying your interpretation of His word is 100% and that is what you are basing taht comment off of, I am saying you’re wrong, (again, my humble opinion), and I don’t think God wants us to stand out UNLESS it is for deeds/actions and that does not include how we dress, we can dress modestly and still not stand out-there is a fine line.

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      9. Not too many years ago, it was a crime for women to dress Immodestly in public.( Wear pants,etc.) As time goes on, clothes get tighter and tighter…and exposing more and more of our bodies… Will we as Followers of Christ, change with the trend, as it becomes more and more Immodest, just to keep from standing out??? Someday, very soon, we will indefinitely have to take a stand for Christ, in all matters.

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      10. Yes, it is a change for culture. I am not saying Christ for culture, I am saying culture for Christ, (for sure, don’t think otherwise). But…I’m saying certain things do need to change in order to be modest, it’s a discernment and wisdom thing, not just a law.

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      11. I’m not giving up my standard for the culture, not that type of girl. I just don’t think blue jean skirts are appropriate anymore. Nor are they what God intended. I’ don’t wear tight clothes.

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      12. It doesn’t have to be a “blue jeans skirt”. There are many other pretty skirts and dresses. It seems that you must have been disgraced for wearing one. I’m sorry about that.๐ŸŒธ

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      13. No, I wasn’t disgraced from wearing one. My views come from an unscarred view-point, this is just how I see things, I was never forced to wear something innapropriate, I never have worn a blue-jean skirt, I’m fine, girl. โค I say "blue jean skirt" because that is what Presbyterians believe and that seems to be your view on modesty.

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      14. I don’t know what you mean by “silly’ are you being sarcastic…? I’m sorry, I can’t tell people’s tones through the internet, haha. Skirts are not innapropriate, I actually LOVE skirts, they can be so cute, but I don’t think you have to wear blue-jean skirt all the time and wear dull colored tones and show litterally nothing. I’ve seen women that don’t fix their hair, (do you fix yours or is that immodest in your view?) and I think you can adorn your hair, according to the Bible, it is our crowning jewel. โค

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      15. You sure have a thing for blue jean skirts. They are the same as jeans, except they show less.
        It’s silly that you thought that of me….
        I have fixed my hair lightly for special occasions. But I am not sure that I ever will again. I don’t need to. Plus, the Modesty thing I mentioned, is head coverings, which I am not sure of and do not wear. But somehow I know it’s true and someday I will e wearing one. So adorning my hair will not matter.
        I’m not sure about dull colors, but wearing flashy colors will definitely make you “stand out”.

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      16. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be “silly” it just sounded like to me, sorry. I’m not saying flashy colors, but just not grey’s, (I’ve seen people that only wear brown and black and grey). I don’t think we have to wear head coverings, personally, but it’s just a difference.
        It was still a great post and one definitely worth reading, Joy18, I think it’s amazing you put so much research it, personally, I don’t know a lot people that would do that.

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      17. I think we’ve gotten off…
        I know you have your views and I have mine. Let’s just look to Yahweh (God). He holds the true answers. The only way you can persuade me different, is by what He says.

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  2. Oh, sorry, I forgot to address one of your points. Modesty is not drawing attention to yourself, (that’s a component of modesty), and if you are dressed up “like a snowman” that is immodest because you are drawing attention to yourself. And tunics aren’t bad, but I don’t see a problem with showing a little skin right there, but I don’t show any of my chest or right above that either.

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    1. I didn’t mean drawing attention to ourselves, sometimes you are noticed, but it should be because you are a follower of Christ, different from the rest of the world.
      There is only a problem with showing skin or parts of your body, when our Heavenly Father says so. No offense, but as we are both Bible believers, let’s look to what the Bible says instead of a I think, you think argument.
      ๐ŸŒธYou are a beautiful young lady,Ariana. Don’t let anyone keep you from dressing like one.๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ
      Sweet Blessings to you!!!

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      1. Right. I think you shouldn’t draw attention to yourself with your clothes, but your deeds.
        Joy18, I am not going to let anyone get me into dressing into something I am not comfortable in and I do not think is modest, I disagree with your view, not your entire argument. I think you can look like a lady and still be modest but also pretty.
        Are you saying the dress, (the picture in your post), is immodest? Because from what you are saying that’s a yes because it shows her figure. (Just calrifying).

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      2. About the dress in the photo. From what can be seen in the photo, it is a bit tight on the upper part which is immodest, but the dress itself is creased slightly, not tight, and flowing modestly, don’t you agree?

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      3. I think that dress is adorable and not immodest in any way, shape, or form. There is a difference between being “naughty” and “proving you are a woman” and just not looking dull/boring/old-fashioned. (Agreed, some old ways are better, but I think that dress is fine).

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      4. O yes! The dress is lovely. It is hard to determine if the top is without seeing the full picture. It might be a little tight and constructive.
        What we need are some modest clothing makers. This dress could be made a tiny bit looser.
        It is scientifically proven that if a woman dresses Immodest, a guy will see her as an object and not a lady or woman that she is!!!

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      5. Yes, that is science, for sure. They are, what I’ve heard as, “visually stimulated” which can be by a pretty face, like, “She’s pretty…” or it can be bad if a woman dresses immodestly so we have an important position here.

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  3. “Modesty can mean both in manner and in dress. They tend to go together, because the way you dress affects how you act and how others see you.” I completely agree! There are so many people walking around with so much body showing. Most of these people are screaming for attention and they show it in both the way they dress and behave. It’s sad that this is the way they believe is the best way to get attention.

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    1. Yes, it is very sad. Some people dress Immodestly to get attention, and some are too afraid to dress modestly because they will stand out. It’s so sad!!!๐ŸŒธ Sweet Blessings!!!

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  4. You have a great point of view for modesty, Joy! Great post(: I believe that modesty IS standing out; standing out for GOOD.
    I believe there can be a “pretty” modest, as well. I always enjoy looking for pretty dresses and skirts whenever I’m out.(:
    Thanks, Joy, for this!
    ~theJunebugblog | AK

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  5. I enjoyed this post! I agree 100% with what you’re talking about. When it comes to modesty, our clothes shouldn’t reveal anything! I think when girls and women wear skin tight clothes, they’re kind of giving away their body to get attention by exaggerating certain parts of their body. As Christians, we need to talk to God about modesty and see what His word says. He will tell us what is true because He created everything! Blessings to you!! ๐Ÿ’ฎ

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  6. “Modesty can mean both in manner and in dress.” True! And there is a connection. The way we dress does influence the way we behave, possibly based on the reactions we get from others. (We do get judged on the way we dress. I do think the opposite of modesty is vanity – calling attention to ourselves, whether by dressing too provocatively or too lavishly, or even too frumpy. (“See how plain my clothes are? That shows that I am holier than you.”)
    A form of immmodesty that I am fighting is talking too much about myself and my interests and not being interested enough in what the other person is saying. I need to make an effort to ask more questions – and then keep my mouth shut as they are answering!

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    1. Yes, That goes for anything, not just modesty. It’s so easy to focus on ourselves. We can be an example, but not flaunt it at others. And it can be so easy to get into arguments where you are so focused on being right, that you don’t listen. I agree. Thanks.๐ŸŒธ
      Sweet Blessings to you!!!

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  7. I think everyone has a different view of their midesty, and as long as itโ€™s nit compleatky clear…everyoneโ€™s gonna have a different view. Just dress the way YOU know is alright with God. You donโ€™t have to dress like others… especially if it goes against what YOU to know to be wrong.

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    1. Yes, it is a very debatable topic. We should all dress the most like we know our Heavenly Father wills us to dress. And continue seeking to become closer to Him and learning His will for us in every area of our lives.๐ŸŒธ
      Sweet Blessings!!!!๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒธ

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  8. Just wanted to note, the comment debate between me and Ariana ended peacefully. We are still blog friends, not enemies.๐ŸŒธ It’s great to debate without starting a war.๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒป

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