This Little Life

The utter feeling of shock, disgust, and piercing sadness.

What is going on?

If abortion was just a choice. If it was fine and dandy. If it wasn’t a baby in the womb…

What happens if it’s born alive? What if the abortion fails and this form inside of you, becomes a born baby holding on dearly for life? Is it still ok to snuff out it’s life? He or she survived… only to be killed…murdered outside of the womb!

Can even those who are pro-abortion, agree that it is right to kill a BORN child???

Abortion is horrific and wrong…inside or outside of the womb!

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

6 thoughts on “This Little Life

  1. I can’t see that it’s much different whether you can see it or not. It’s every bit as alive, just unseen.
    I get aggravated as a former L&D nurse. We go to great lengths to save babies and protect moms. Inconceivable that people can say it’s ok to just go ahead and kill those little ones.
    I feel sure there will be a judgement.

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