The Voice of Choice

I had always been the one to break the ice and talk as if nothing was wrong.

Why should sitting in the waiting room of a abortion clinic be so depressing.

*This story may not be appropriate for young eyes, please ask a mature someone to read this with you.*

There were five other girls as well as me. I had seen them all come in.

One, was dropped at the front door like a sobbing kitten, by her boyfriend.

Another one, was practically dragged in by her mother, who left as soon as the papers were settled.

Why, I didn’t understand. The rest of us were there on our own free will.

Yet the air was so tense and quiet…too frozen for me to lighten up.

Thoughts of my past seemed to creep in and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be there.

Yet I could not see what was wrong with being in a clinic. It had never been like this at the hospital.

A nurse came into the room and called all our names. A shiver went up my back, as memories flooded my mind.

Why was she calling all of us at once? But I put my thoughts aside and followed.

What happened next was horror itself. Assembly lines…I hated them…nurses and the doctor acting like nothing is happening… I’m just another one…

Like a slaughter house, we were brought into a room, one by one. And had our babies killed…

I peeked in, just once… But that was enough… I suddenly didn’t want to be there any longer. I felt trapped… memories buzzed in my mind and I wanted out!

But I was next. The nurse came in, then the doctor…

I told them I didn’t want to…they just tried to give me a pill to “calm my nerves”. They wouldn’t listen, I didn’t want an abortion, I wanted to leave!!!

They drug me into the next room and held me down…they forced pills and water into my mouth…No!!! Not again!!!

The drugs took affect and I drifted off…yet in the background, I could hear the doctor work…

I felt violated again…

Just 18 months earlier, I had been rescued from sex trafficking.

Abortion was just the same…

It’s not a choice…

… it’s abuse and murder.

It’s not a right…

…it takes away our rights.

Memories never fade, but I will see my baby again someday. And you will too…

Stand for life. Speak for the innocent. We need you to be our voice!

This is based on the testimony of someone who told me her testimony. May you be Inspired.

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

11 thoughts on “The Voice of Choice

  1. Very inspired. Thank you more than you know. I’ve had 2 abortions and I know I’m forgiven but yet I feel my voice doesn’t count because I’m afraid of being looked down upon or as a hypocrite. It’s a process I’m sure that I have to go through to get to a place of confidence in being forgiven. My voice counts too. So does your friend’s voice. Thank you for this.

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  2. Your voice definitely counts, even more because you understand… Never let doubts and fears keep you from sharing what you know to be true.
    Abortions are indeed horrible. But Yahweh (God) has a great plan to use you to save lives.
    Many women and girls shout their abortions in the name of choice.
    Shout loud and clear your testimony for those who have no voice.
    Let those who have been where you have been, know…
    And never forget that you are forgiven…and your babies you will one day see.
    Sweet Blessings!

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  3. Your voice certainly DOES count – possibly more than those of us who haven’t had that experience and sometimes get the response “How would you know? You’ve never been there.” Please keep sharing. We are all sinners in need of forgiveness and a Savior, and those who act as though they aren’t are the real hypocrites.

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  4. We are all born into this world as sinners. We have all done things we shouldn’t have. Not one of us is without sin. And, we are only delivered out of our sins by God’s grace and through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for our sins. If God, who is perfect, can forgive us our sins, then we who are sinners by nature should never shirk to forgive others and ourselves, too. I have never had an abortion, but I have made my share of past mistakes, and I had to learn to forgive myself, too. So, we need to just trust in the Lord with our lives, believe that he loves us, and that he is willing and ready to forgive all those who would turn their hearts over to him to follow him now in his ways.

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