That One Thing

This past summer, my family and I visited our local county fair. My three youngest siblings were very excited to go. But what could you imagine them to be the most excited about?

The rides?

Sure, there were many colorful musical rides from roller coasters to bumper cars. But no, we didn’t go near them.

The food?

Yes, there were delicious smells that filled the air, but we walked past it all.

The animals?

They loved to see and pet the animals, but there was something else…

A place that they remembered us visiting other years and we just HAD to go this year.

Where would a couple of eight to three year old want to go at the fair?

Into a building, and up to a booth. But not just any booth, but the very one that gives out small Bibles every year.

They wanted a new little Bible and were so excited to get a replacement for their tattered one from the year before.

Many people believe that the Bible is too advanced and boring for young children. But it begins from the time they are born to instill in them, the love of Yahweh and the Holy Bible.

There is so much joy in serving Him and children love it!

Who would ever think that a little Bible that they can’t even read yet, would be more exciting then the wild amusements that the fair has to offer?

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