The Perfect Authority

The day that I realized that my parents were not perfect, is the day when I had some serious praying to do. Growing up, my parents knew everything. Sure I didn’t always listen and therefore learned many lessons the hard way. But whatever my parents said, I believe to be true. Then, I realized thatContinue reading “The Perfect Authority”

That One Thing

This past summer, my family and I visited our local county fair. My three youngest siblings were very excited to go. But what could you imagine them to be the most excited about? The rides? Sure, there were many colorful musical rides from roller coasters to bumper cars. But no, we didn’t go near them.Continue reading “That One Thing”

A Truly Special Brewing

There is something special brewing in a small town called Ava, Missouri. It brings joy into our hearts to hear of how Yahweh is working in the lives of others. Just last year, the True Brew Coffee shop opened it’s doors to serve fresh brewed coffee and simply delicious food. But this is no ordinaryContinue reading “A Truly Special Brewing”

Love, Like a Seed

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is how to talk to someone with love and respect. Each and every one of us is unique and different. We all hold different beliefs and veiws, and have had different life experiences. Therefore, speaking to anyone without agruing, striving, offending, hurting, and breaking relationships, isContinue reading “Love, Like a Seed”

German in a Nazi-Hating World

A few times in my life, I have had a couple people ask me,”So, your last name is a German name isn’t it?” “Yes, it is.” I would reply with a smile. And they would smile back… most of the time. On one occasion, a certain person,who was very friendly, suddenly wanted nothing to doContinue reading “German in a Nazi-Hating World”

Love…Never Fails

It sprouts, it grows, it lasts… It never fails. This is true love. In our day and age, love is just a feeling that is here today and gone tomorrow. But True love is an action. It’s never ending…never failing… Whether it’s family, friends, or enemies, Yahweh has called us to love them, as HeContinue reading “Love…Never Fails”