Snow, Snow, Snow!

It’s snowing!!! Today I awoke to white fluff covering the ground, trees, buildings, and a few toys that were (accidentally) left out. Snow. As I watched my little sister trek through the snow like a bundled up penguin, and my brothers working hard building snow forts, a few thoughts came to mind. Just a fewContinue reading “Snow, Snow, Snow!”

More than just a building…

Voices lifted high and music rings aloud, as I sit in that small building surrounded by fellow beings. I look into the faces of those around me and see the joy that they have. A disabled gentleman with a heart of gold. A young man who was specially made and different than most. A littleContinue reading “More than just a building…”

Encouragement, When You Need It

When life seems hopeless… When you loose those you love most… When you can’t carry on… When you don’t know what to do… When the end seems so near… ~ “My flesh and my heart faileth: but YAHWEH is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.” ~Psalms 73:26 ~ “The righteous cry, andContinue reading “Encouragement, When You Need It”