The Voice of Choice

I had always been the one to break the ice and talk as if nothing was wrong. Why should sitting in the waiting room of a abortion clinic be so depressing. *This story may not be appropriate for young eyes, please ask a mature someone to read this with you.* There were five other girlsContinue reading “The Voice of Choice”

Love, like Him

Imagine with me, a lone box, damp and dirty, in a quiet alley beside a parking lot. Everyday many people walk past this alley on their way to work or to shop. Everyday, they pass it by. One very cold and foggy morning, one person did enter this alley, but only for a moment…and thenContinue reading “Love, like Him”

Content To Be

A story… Every day, she would sit on the swing and hum for hours. She would look out into the distance and watch…and wait. Her delicate hands were never idle. Always sewing, knitting, or shelling peas. Her sweet voice would softly echo beautiful hymns and Psalms. Those who saw her, could see that she was,Continue reading “Content To Be”

Overcome: Trial By Flames

A story with a message. My hands gripped the hot iron poles, as I winced in pain. I had but one thought. I must get up…I must get out of here. For the third time, my blood and sweat stained hands slipped from my last hope of rising out of this place that I wasContinue reading “Overcome: Trial By Flames”

The Edge of The Ledge

It’s Storytime!!! I pray that this story will inspire the young and the old. One certain sunny day, a hedgehog was moving along. Soon he came to the edge of a ledge and stopped. He looked down, then he looked up. He saw trees and leaves miles away, all around him. He saw mountains andContinue reading “The Edge of The Ledge”