Love, Like a Seed

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is how to talk to someone with love and respect. Each and every one of us is unique and different. We all hold different beliefs and veiws, and have had different life experiences. Therefore, speaking to anyone without agruing, striving, offending, hurting, and breaking relationships, isContinue reading “Love, Like a Seed”

German in a Nazi-Hating World

A few times in my life, I have had a couple people ask me,”So, your last name is a German name isn’t it?” “Yes, it is.” I would reply with a smile. And they would smile back… most of the time. On one occasion, a certain person,who was very friendly, suddenly wanted nothing to doContinue reading “German in a Nazi-Hating World”

Love is… Not Proud

Pride has a way of always showing up in our lives. This is why the Bible is full of words about pride. Praise Yahweh! We must study to show ourselves approved. We must be on guard. Pride dwelleth everywhere. Be on guard against being proud! • Don’t think that you are better than other peopleContinue reading “Love is… Not Proud”

Love…Does Not Boast

To boast is to think more highly of yourself than others. Sometimes it can be hard not to boast. But we must remember that we do not need to praise ourselves in order to be “someone”. We are special. YOU are already special. Love is thinking of others even when we feel unloved. •Be humbleContinue reading “Love…Does Not Boast”