Sunshine Blogger Award

Just Simply True has been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!!! Praise YAHWEH!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you to Irene Starr of Ireneity for nominating my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! ☀️Visit Ireneity HERE.☀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award for bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring – people who spread “sunshine” toContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

Be a Sunshine!!!

With the leaves in all collors falling to the ground, the air all around us turning bitter cold, and the days become shorter to where the sun visits shorter…. It’s fall coming on winter!!! Which means that the bright Summer sunshine will not be back for a few months. It’s enough to make us feelContinue reading “Be a Sunshine!!!”