Content To Be

A story…

Every day, she would sit on the swing and hum for hours.

She would look out into the distance and watch…and wait.

Her delicate hands were never idle. Always sewing, knitting, or shelling peas.

Her sweet voice would softly echo beautiful hymns and Psalms.

Those who saw her, could see that she was, indeed, in peace.

Something in her eyes, told that she saw more than the forest and meadow landscape in front of her.

Those we knew her, were deeply touched by her sweet contentment every day.

For, you must know that she was indeed blind and could see nothing. A terrible scar seemed to cover her face completely.

Yet, she sat, every moment, as if she were a royal princess, tending to her important work.

How did this come to be?

It all began with a tragic incident, years ago…

She sat at the window and looked into the darkness. Faint shadows could be seen. The only light that shone in the calm and peaceful woods, were the faint lights that glistened above.

She sat there on that dark night, with her Bible in hand…deep in thought.

“In this dark world, I will live for you, Yahweh. I will be content…for all I need is you…” She softly whispered in the silence.

As the night drew on…sleep overcame her.

The rattle of dishes and the cry of a baby awoke her the next morning.

Just a glance at the clock and she hastened to dress. The infant’s cries turned into coos as she rocked him gently, humming a morning song of joy.

Soon she was carrying a fully dressed baby down the stairs, to the dining room, where breakfast and many little people sat eager to eat it.

She smiled down at the precious bundle, as silence prevailed and prayers were given.

This was the last that she saw his pretty little face, after she had tidied up the kitchen, bid her Mother a good morning, and went outside to do her chores.

Outside, the bright sun was but a light in the cool crisp air. Small blankets of snow lay scattered about. A few muddy puddles of melted snow told that Spring was soon arriving.

She picked up the pail that sat outside the doorway and walked to the barn.

Inside, the baas of sheep and goats, the moos of a cow, and the clucks, with a cock-a-doodle-do, from the chickens, greeted her.

She let the chickens go free to explore and find any bugs that may be. She prepared the cow for milking. She fed and watered the sheep and goats. And then, she began collecting eggs.

Soon, her father and brothers came into the barn, after finishing the barnyard chores. One of her brothers took her pail of egg to the house, as she picked up a basket and went around to the back side of the barn.

This was her favorite place on the farm. About a dozen apple trees were scattered there on the edge of a forest.

She loved to gaze at the beautiful landscape and praise Yahweh. Passing this, just a few feet ahead, she came upon a small shed.

The shed was filled with an abundance of potatoes and squash. She filled up her basket with some of each.

Then, going among the frost-bitten trees, she set her heavy basket down and lay beneath them. She lay silently gazing at the sky before her and the branches above.

Soon, they would be filled with new growth, of tender leaves and sweet smelling blossoms. She lay in silence with not a care in the world.

That is, until suddenly, when the silence was broken by the sound of deathly screams and yells.

The barnyard bell was rung with deafening fiery. Leaving her basket behind, she ran around the barn and up to the house.

The scene before her caused her to gasp is surprise and horror.

The scene was one of utter chaos and dismay. Her brothers and sisters were running around screaming.

The eldest two were trying to get the hose and water. Her father was holding her crying mother who was in a state shock and dismay. And the house was in flames!!!

Without thinking twice, she ran into the burning house, where she knew her baby brother still lay…

The smoke was overwhelming, but she knew that she must find the precious baby. She followed the sound of his cries…

And there he was! The moment she saw him, she wisked him up into her arms and ran back through the house as fast as possible.

Suddenly, she was taken aback by some of the flaming ceiling which callapsed in front of them.

Now, they were trapped…

She tried her best to block the smoke from her little brother. She, herself, was choking from the smoke filled room.

Her eyes search the room eagerly for some way out, but found none.

Holding her baby brother close, she prayed.

“Yahweh, even if I must die, please save this dear child from these flames!!!”

Her prayer was answered. Quite miracliously, both she and her baby brother escaped from the fire, that day.

Her bravery left her with a lasting scar and blindness for the rest of her life.

But through this all, she remained content and thankful to Yahweh.

Whether the day was hot or cool and crisp, she would keep her place on the swing, humming as she worked.

The sweet baby boy grew up to be a charming little lad. He loved his eldest sister and would sit beside her reading from the Scriptures, for hours at a time.

They both enjoyed many pleasant afternoons together.

When he was old enough to help father, he spent many long days working hard to build a special gift for his sister.

When it was ready, he placed it in the most perfect place. And taking her hand, led her to a special wooden swing, fresh with the smell of the forest.

It was this special swing that she would sit upon everyday… waiting…

Then one day, her little baby brother came home from war. He was now a grown up young chaplain in the army.

Every day she would pray for him… knowing he was safe in Yahweh’s hands.

He came home… walking through the forest…to the swing where he knew she would be.

Before he reached the clearing, she heard him coming and smiled as she patiently waited for his arrival…

Now, sitting beside her with his worn Bible in hand, he read to her…once again…

As she continued to contently praise Yahweh for who she was and all she had…

The End.

“But holiness with contentment is great gain.” ~ 1 Timothy 6:6


Imaginatitive Writing Contest Entry~2019

*Photos by Middle Mary Blog


Published by Rebbeca~Joy18

A blessing...I pray.

13 thoughts on “Content To Be

  1. Amen. Beautifully written, captivating and sweet.
    Sharing there’s blessings in everything we experience when our heavenly Father is present in our lives. Hope and assurance, courage and love.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You maybe wondering what my fascination with fires is. The truth is, for this contest I needed to write about these photos. The bell and water spout photos reminded me of a fire. Therefore, I ended up writing two stories about a fire. Praise Yahweh for these powerful words! ๐ŸŒธ


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