Ever So Bigger

One year ago today, Yahweh called me to go on an adventure. An adventure of faith testing, courage making, bold stepping, joy seeking, standing firm, trust in Yahweh.

I didn’t go around the world, but I went halfway across the country. And it didn’t end there…

It began on this day, last year, when Yahweh called me to go…

On a life changing adventure!

For someone who had never spent a night away from home herself…

Who had a hard time speaking at the time…

Who was just graduating…

This was a BIG DEAL!!!

But Yahweh said it, and I did it. It wasn’t always easy, but praise Yahweh!

And still, the adventure does not end there…

There is always a bigger test of faith right around the corner…

My graduation speech seemed big at first.

But then, after Yahweh gave me the words to say…it was a small memory of trusting Yahweh.

And then, my adventure across the country seemed like a wild idea instead of Yahweh’s Calling.

But His Glory shown bright and I have experienced the awing power of simple faith in the midst of impossibility.

Yet now, it seems so small compared to the faith testing trials that burden me now.

And in the times to come, I will look back to see these tests as mini trust building exercises.

There will always be bigger tests and trials to come.

What is the purpose of this?

To simply bring us closer to Him who made us and shaped is into the person we are made to be.

Yahweh will Never give us more than we can bare. So through them all, no matter how hard that they may seem… continue to put your complete trust in Him who has everything under control.

You are being molded, tested, and tried for a very special purpose.

Never give up. Look to Yahweh, the author of your life.

As the world tries to tear you apart, draw closer to Him.

Be blessed.

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

~James 1:3-4

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

7 thoughts on “Ever So Bigger

  1. That’s so beautiful, Rebbeca! Life throws things at us that we’ve never been prepared to face, but God will always be there. We can trust Him because He knows all things and what is best. We can’t lean on ourselves, for we’re imperfect sinners on this Earth. That is why we must allow God to be Lord over our life, for He has a perfect purpose and plan. We just have to trust Him and remember that He will never fail us (Proverbs 3:5). Sweet blessings, friend! 💮

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  2. It is so true that He continues to build us as we grow. But I do want to share a clarification, which I hope is ok. Scripture states only regarding temptation are we given what we can handle. No where else does it state we will not be given what we can’t handle. And I think it’s all the more amazing how much we need to cling to Him in trials. If we could handle our own trials we wouldn’t need Him, but we so earnestly do ❤ Absolutely, He is the Potter and He molds us all the more 🙂

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