Ever So Bigger

One year ago today, Yahweh called me to go on an adventure. An adventure of faith testing, courage making, bold stepping, joy seeking, standing firm, trust in Yahweh. I didn't go around the world, but I went halfway across the country. And it didn't end there... It began on this day, last year, when Yahweh… Continue reading Ever So Bigger

Class of 2019

Dear Graduates of 2019, It was just last year, when I stood right where you are now. Since then, I have seen Yahweh work wonders in my life. Whether you are scared or excited about your future.... Remember that the most important thing that you need to do... Is take some time to pray and… Continue reading Class of 2019

A Step of Faith

In this time of our lives, as graduates, we are asked so many questions and are faced with so many choices. Last Spring, as I was graduating, I found myself searching earnestly for the answers to all of my many questions. But what I've found, is what I knew before. I am a follower of… Continue reading A Step of Faith

Love… Always Trusts

Trust... Sometimes it can be hard to trust. When we have been hurt, broken, or forsaken by those we love... When bad things happen and we don't understand why... Just simply trust Yahweh. He has it all under control. He will never leave nor forsake you. In Him alone can you trust. •Trust is believing… Continue reading Love… Always Trusts