A Truly Special Brewing

There is something special brewing in a small town called Ava, Missouri.

It brings joy into our hearts to hear of how Yahweh is working in the lives of others.

Just last year, the True Brew Coffee shop opened it’s doors to serve fresh brewed coffee and simply delicious food. But this is no ordinary place.

The True Brew Coffee shop is entirely served by volunteers and 100% of the profit goes to help the poor in their community.

With the 27% food insecurity rate among Douglas County children, True Brew is alway kept busy with numberous meals to be served.

Bread of Life Giving and sharing, is the faith based ministry which operates this unique Coffee shop.

They are dedicated to providing meals, clothing and other necessities to children and others in need.

Bread of Life Giving and Sharing, also operates the True Veiw Movie Theater in Ava, Missouri.

The True Veiw Theater is just as unique as the coffee shop. It is also staffed by volunteers and 100% of the profits go to helping those in their local community. The True View Theater is truly the place to find family friendly fun from faith based films to live performances and more…

So, if you happen to be in Missouri, don’t forget to enjoy a movie at True View Theater and a delicious meal at the True Brew Coffee Shop.

Bread of Life Giving and Sharing is constantly in need of your prayers and donations to continue serving the needy in the community and brewing love for all!!!


Bread of Life Giving and Sharing~Website

True Brew Coffee Shop

Ava True View Family Theater

In the News:


417 Magazine

I am so inspired by this ministry which has grown in the midst of our country. I pray that it will continue to grow and bless others every day for years to come.

Sweet Blessings to you all!

Photo by Pexels.

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A blessing...I pray.

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