If The Sky Is Blue

If the sky is blue and the green grass grows…

If the flowers bloom and the bees abuzz…

Here we are in a unique world. Everything happening at a certain time.

From the smallest cells to outer space… everything is in the perfect place.

In our everyday lives, we tend to see the many mistakes that trouble us all. A leaky shower, a crying baby, a dirty child, or a set of missing keys.

There are many things that make us wish we were never born. We often find ourselves too busy to see the good and perfect things in life.

The dishwasher is broken and your little one is standing on tiptoes, upon a stool, washing your favorite mug.

Never mind that he spilled water all over the counters and floor. He loves you and wants to show you just how much.

Yes, the icy roads are terrible, but look at the snowy scene. The landscape is dusted with white sparkling snow. O how beautiful it truly is!

But where did the beauty, good and perfect come from?

Many believe that it evolved over time. While others believe that it just came to be.

I believe that such a masterpiece as this, perfect and beautiful, has a Creator. I believe that long ago, Yahweh said, “Let there be light”.

From that moment on, He began to show us His beauty and love.

If the clouds bring rain and the butterflies flutter… there is a Creator and He loves you.

Yahweh has made such a perfect and wonderful creation, that we cannot ever comprehend it all.

We see the bad and good things that happen to us. Yahweh sees His story unfolding in our lives.

Trust in Yahweh, for He alone is our all powerful and ever loving Creator.

There is no If’s, there Is…

Sweet Blessings!

A little writing from a few years ago. May you be inspired.

Published by Rebbeca

A blessing...I pray.

6 thoughts on “If The Sky Is Blue

  1. O, how so beautiful, Rebbeca!! It’s quite true that God created everything in perfect timing for a special purpose. We may not know why something happened or how God allowed it to happen, but of course He knows because He knows all things. What a wonderful and mighty Savior we have!!! Blessings to you! 💮

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