Love…Never Fails

It sprouts, it grows, it lasts… It never fails. This is true love. In our day and age, love is just a feeling that is here today and gone tomorrow. But True love is an action. It’s never ending…never failing… Whether it’s family, friends, or enemies, Yahweh has called us to love them, as HeContinue reading “Love…Never Fails”

Love…Always Perseveres

Never Give up. Perseverance is important. Life can be extremely hard and discouraging. But we must persevere to the end. Yahweh is always with us. He gives us strength. ~Perseverance~ •Be persistent. Keep on praying “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayerContinue reading “Love…Always Perseveres”

Love…Always Hopes

Hard times always have a way of discouraging us. But when we realize and remember who we are and why we are here. We are strengthened by Yahweh. In Him, do we hope and trust. Never given up hope… On anyone or anything. All things are possible with Yahweh! •Never give up “Wherefore take untoContinue reading “Love…Always Hopes”

Love… Always Trusts

Trust… Sometimes it can be hard to trust. When we have been hurt, broken, or forsaken by those we love… When bad things happen and we don’t understand why… Just simply trust Yahweh. He has it all under control. He will never leave nor forsake you. In Him alone can you trust. •Trust is believingContinue reading “Love… Always Trusts”

Love…Always Protects

I love this part of love. It is very dear to my heart. I once had a few duck eggs which I hoped to hatch. I took good motherly care of them. I constantly examine the temperature and humidity and adjusted it as needed. I guarded them from curious little siblings and possible accidents. EveryContinue reading “Love…Always Protects”

Love… Rejoices With The Truth

O how I love the truth!!! Isn’t it just wonderful!!! Rejoicing in the truth may seem like the easiest part of love, but we all face times in our lives when it is so hard to rejoice and to stand in the truth. •Be happy about good things “But the other of love, knowing thatContinue reading “Love… Rejoices With The Truth”

Love…Does Not Delight in Evil

We like to think that we would never ever delight in evil, but it has a way of sneaking into our hearts and lives. Examine your heart, keep it pure and full of good things, and love… •Don’t watch or read evil things (Hard to do sometimes, I know) “And if thy right eye offendContinue reading “Love…Does Not Delight in Evil”