A Step of Faith

In this time of our lives, as graduates, we are asked so many questions and are faced with so many choices.
Last Spring, as I was graduating, I found myself searching earnestly for the answers to all of my many questions.

But what I’ve found, is what I knew before.
I am a follower of Yahweh. I am proud to be called His follower, just as I am proud to be called an American. But sometimes I don’t feel worthy of being called a follower of Yahweh.
No one could ever mistake me for Christ.
But, I have determined that I want to live my life for the truth. I want to live for Yahweh, with all my heart, soul, and mind. My life is His.
A few months before my graduation, I decided that I would give a speech. Anyone who knows me, knows how speaking and me didn’t mix. But Yahweh had other plans. I heard His still, small voice, telling me to give a speech at my graduation.
During those few months leading up, I was still unmovable from giving a graduation speech. If Yahweh willed it, I would do it.

But then, came those little nagging lies. How am I supposed to give a speech? And in front of all those people! I have a hard time giving a speech in front of my own family! I can’t even speak clearly enough. They won’t understand me! And I don’t know what to say!
And so, Satan kept pestering me with these discouraging thoughts.

But deep inside, His still, small voice said, “Just trust in Me. I will give you the words to say and the courage to say them.
So, I prayed and trusted. And there I am standing before hundreds of people, ready to take the next step in life.
To many of you, this little speech of mine, may seem like nothing, but to me, it proves that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I stood before many people whom I didn’t know. No one knew what words would proceed from my mouth, not even I.

Only Yahweh was in control and had a plan for that special moment.

A girl with just a mustard seed between her fingers, stepped over to the spotlight…all eyes were on her…

That girl was me, not able to speak as well as many, only Yahweh, Himself, knew the small miracle that would happen.

I knew not what to say, but then, the words just flowed…

Sweet words of faith that were not my own. Words that were short, yet had meaning, that brought tears…sweet happy tears…

Did they realize what they had witnessed? Did they know how much faith it took to stand before them? Did they realize that the words I spoke were not my own, but Yahweh’s?

Just like David defeated Goliath, I defeated Satan’s lies that day.

And in the future, I shall remember this day and rely on Christ to give me strength, whether the trial is big or small.
May Yahweh give each one of us today, the courage to face the trials in our lives and the faith to trust Him always.

~Sweet Blessings!!!


A Graduate’s Thoughts

Every life has a story, including mine. So much has happened since I was born. Yet my life has just begun. Now I am faced with the question of what to do with my life?

This is the question that every graduate faces. For many, this is a hard question.

It is no longer what do you want to be when you grow up. It is what will you do now?
I have asked myself this many times. I have come to the point of a decision, many times.

I have tried many times to find the perfect thing to do with my life.
Throughout the last few years, my interests have changed from one thing to another. But I have come to realize a very important truth.
I am here for a reason. Life would not be life if there was not a reason for it. So what is the reason why we are here? Who are we, that we should live? What should we live for? What should our goal in life be?
From the moment that you became you, Yahweh had a very special plan for your life.

Your life starts with an empty page. One empty page that will one day become the beginning of the story of your life. What will your story be?
I want my story to be perfect. We all want to have the perfect story. We all want to be that important person who lives a successful life.

But how do we become that perfect person? We make mistakes and we live in a world that is not perfect.
I have found that my life is not my own.

My life was bought and paid for by our loving Heavenly Father, who is perfect. To Him, I am special and I am important.

If I trust in Him, He will write a story with my life which will be truly beautiful and special. It may not be perfect in our eyes, but it will be perfect in Yahweh’s eyes.

This is the reason I am here. This is why I live.
I do not know what the future will bring. But I do know that whatever happens will happen because Yahweh wills it to.

I will trust Him to write my story, because He made me and knows what is to come. He is the author of my soul.
I will, from this day forward, strive to live my life in such a way, that it will glorify Him. I pray with all my heart that my life will be used to bring joy into the lives of those around me.

I pray that I will alway trust in Yahweh, as the author of my life.
I pray that not only myself, but that of this year’s graduates, and the many others beginning their lives, will remember why they are here and what our purpose is.
We have a loving Creator who has a great and wonderful plan for each one of us. A plan that will become a beautiful story someday.

Wherever and whatever it is that God calls us to do with our lives…

May each one of us, have the faith and courage to do it.

May our lives be a story that shows Yahweh’s glory.

May we always trust in Yahweh as the author of our lives.
May Yahweh bless you all and your future.

Sweet Blessings!!!


I wrote this last Spring, as my graduation drew near. May you be inspired.


Don’t Burn Down The House!

So, maybe I have the reputation for burning dinner. Maybe the chard black kettle in the sink was my fault…

Or it was…

Minus one incident, I have now gone a year…Yes! A whole year without burning breakfast, lunch, or dinner.(minus one incident) Praise Yahweh!!!

*Update: Sadly, I burnt dinner again. ( But that was THIS year, right?)*

Am I now free from being known as the dinner burner?


It’s not that I’m a bad cook. I’ve been cooking since I could walk. But, as many of you know…it just happens.

Your cooking this delicious meal, and something runs out of water…whether you realize it or not…you then have a smoky problem.

So, I may never burn food again, but I can never erase the memories of scrubbing chared pots and pans and inventing ‘the burnt remains’ air fragrance, that filled our house continually.

I may be a little dramatic, but the truth is…

#1 Don’t burn dinner

#2 You are remembered for everything you do, whether it is bad or good…even if you change.

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right.” ~Proverbs 20:11


“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” ~Proverbs 22:1

The Bible says a lot about character, because it is important. As a follower
of Christ, we are His representatives.

It is important to have good character…To be known for good things… To show the love of Yahweh.

We must realize that even the smallest things, like burning dinner or leaving your coat on the floor, make a big difference.

Each thing that we do, whether it is good or bad, can have a lasting affect on our lives, and the lives of others.

Be of good character. Be a worthy representative of Christ in all that you do.

P.S. This is a dramatized lesson. No houses or else, were ever burnt down…or ever will…I hope.

So remember, whether you burn dinner a little or a lot, good character is important, in every thing you do.

~Sweet Blessings to you!!!~


His Inspired Word

As followers of Christ, we know the Bible to be true. We study, believe, and do as it says, to the best that we can.

But where does the Bible originate from? What are we truly believing?

We must remember that the original Bible text was not written in our English language.

The original Bible text is written in Hebrew and Greek, with some Aramaic.

Over 1,600 years ago, the sixty-six books that complete the Bible, were written by more than forty kings, prophets, leaders, and followers of Christ.

The Bible
The word Bible comes from the Greek word ‘Biblion’, which means ‘book’. It is the Ultimate Book, Yahweh’s Word.

Old Testament

The 39 books of the Old Testament make up the three parts: The law, the Prophets, and the Psalms.

“Christ said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.” ~Luke 24:44

The law consists of the first five book of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy. The law is called ‘The Torah‘ in the original Hebrew, meaning ‘to guide’ or ‘to teach’.

New Testament

The New Testament has 37 books.

The books of the Bible were arranged by many Yahweh inspired people.

Careful guidelines were used to determine which books should be included. These guidelines were called the ‘Canon’, which is a Greek word meaning ‘rule’ or ‘measuring stick.’

~The Canon~

1. Was the book written by a prophet of Yahweh?

2. Was the writer confirmed by acts of Yahweh?

3. Does the message tell the truth about Yahweh?

4. Did it come with the power of Yahweh?

5. Was it accepted by Yahweh’s people?

The New Testament consists of the four gospels, letters written by apostles, and the prophetic book of Revelation.

From beginning to end, the Bible was written and put together by those called and directed by Yahweh to do so. It is the inspired Word of Yahweh.

All scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.” ~ 2 Timothy 3:16

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient artifacts, prove the reliability of the Scriptures.

Thankfully, people all over the world are able to read the Holy Bible in their own language. Sadly, some with great persecution.

But, as we study our English Bibles, we must remember that the original Bible text means a lot more than our English language can express.

The use of a concordance and interlinear Bible are great study aids. Maybe even consider learning Hebrew and Greek yourself. It is not any more difficult then learning another language. It just takes some determination and a desire to study the original Bible text.

I encourage you to study and seek out the truth of Yahweh every day.

Praise Yahweh for giving us His inspired Holy Word!!! Praise Him for His great love and grace!!!

~Sweet Blessings~