Beyond The Storm

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, life can seem to grow darker.

Through the first rainy, cold days of Autumn, I was blessed to see past the storm and see a reminder of Yahweh’s promise, a beautiful rainbow. Not even once, but twice.

Once, I heard a story in which a little bird flew up above the rain and stormy clouds. What he found there, was the sun shining bright and cheerfully.

It can be so easy to see the storms, trials, and bad things in life. But it is often hard to remember that the sun is always shining.

Yahweh’s love is greater than anything we are going through. We live for Him, knowing that He has it all under control.

And some day, there will be no more darkness nor sorrow, nor will there be tears of sadness or pain.


…that you are loved and blessed. And if you glance upon a rainbow, thank Yahweh for His beautiful reminder.

Yahweh loves you. Trust in Him. And smile, because He has a beautiful plan for your life.

If The Sky Is Blue

If the sky is blue and the green grass grows…

If the flowers bloom and the bees abuzz…

Here we are in a unique world. Everything happening at a certain time.

From the smallest cells to outer space… everything is in the perfect place.

In our everyday lives, we tend to see the many mistakes that trouble us all. A leaky shower, a crying baby, a dirty child, or a set of missing keys.

There are many things that make us wish we were never born. We often find ourselves too busy to see the good and perfect things in life.

The dishwasher is broken and your little one is standing on tiptoes, upon a stool, washing your favorite mug.

Never mind that he spilled water all over the counters and floor. He loves you and wants to show you just how much.

Yes, the icy roads are terrible, but look at the snowy scene. The landscape is dusted with white sparkling snow. O how beautiful it truly is!

But where did the beauty, good and perfect come from?

Many believe that it evolved over time. While others believe that it just came to be.

I believe that such a masterpiece as this, perfect and beautiful, has a Creator. I believe that long ago, Yahweh said, “Let there be light”.

From that moment on, He began to show us His beauty and love.

If the clouds bring rain and the butterflies flutter… there is a Creator and He loves you.

Yahweh has made such a perfect and wonderful creation, that we cannot ever comprehend it all.

We see the bad and good things that happen to us. Yahweh sees His story unfolding in our lives.

Trust in Yahweh, for He alone is our all powerful and ever loving Creator.

There is no If’s, there Is…

Sweet Blessings!

A little writing from a few years ago. May you be inspired.

A Truly Special Brewing

There is something special brewing in a small town called Ava, Missouri.

It brings joy into our hearts to hear of how Yahweh is working in the lives of others.

Just last year, the True Brew Coffee shop opened it’s doors to serve fresh brewed coffee and simply delicious food. But this is no ordinary place.

The True Brew Coffee shop is entirely served by volunteers and 100% of the profit goes to help the poor in their community.

With the 27% food insecurity rate among Douglas County children, True Brew is alway kept busy with numberous meals to be served.

Bread of Life Giving and sharing, is the faith based ministry which operates this unique Coffee shop.

They are dedicated to providing meals, clothing and other necessities to children and others in need.

Bread of Life Giving and Sharing, also operates the True Veiw Movie Theater in Ava, Missouri.

The True Veiw Theater is just as unique as the coffee shop. It is also staffed by volunteers and 100% of the profits go to helping those in their local community. The True View Theater is truly the place to find family friendly fun from faith based films to live performances and more…

So, if you happen to be in Missouri, don’t forget to enjoy a movie at True View Theater and a delicious meal at the True Brew Coffee Shop.

Bread of Life Giving and Sharing is constantly in need of your prayers and donations to continue serving the needy in the community and brewing love for all!!!


Bread of Life Giving and Sharing~Website

True Brew Coffee Shop

Ava True View Family Theater

In the News:


417 Magazine

I am so inspired by this ministry which has grown in the midst of our country. I pray that it will continue to grow and bless others every day for years to come.

Sweet Blessings to you all!

Photo by Pexels.

Ever So Bigger

One year ago today, Yahweh called me to go on an adventure. An adventure of faith testing, courage making, bold stepping, joy seeking, standing firm, trust in Yahweh.

I didn’t go around the world, but I went halfway across the country. And it didn’t end there…

It began on this day, last year, when Yahweh called me to go…

On a life changing adventure!

For someone who had never spent a night away from home herself…

Who had a hard time speaking at the time…

Who was just graduating…

This was a BIG DEAL!!!

But Yahweh said it, and I did it. It wasn’t always easy, but praise Yahweh!

And still, the adventure does not end there…

There is always a bigger test of faith right around the corner…

My graduation speech seemed big at first.

But then, after Yahweh gave me the words to say…it was a small memory of trusting Yahweh.

And then, my adventure across the country seemed like a wild idea instead of Yahweh’s Calling.

But His Glory shown bright and I have experienced the awing power of simple faith in the midst of impossibility.

Yet now, it seems so small compared to the faith testing trials that burden me now.

And in the times to come, I will look back to see these tests as mini trust building exercises.

There will always be bigger tests and trials to come.

What is the purpose of this?

To simply bring us closer to Him who made us and shaped is into the person we are made to be.

Yahweh will Never give us more than we can bare. So through them all, no matter how hard that they may seem… continue to put your complete trust in Him who has everything under control.

You are being molded, tested, and tried for a very special purpose.

Never give up. Look to Yahweh, the author of your life.

As the world tries to tear you apart, draw closer to Him.

Be blessed.

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

~James 1:3-4

Love, Like a Seed

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is how to talk to someone with love and respect.

Each and every one of us is unique and different. We all hold different beliefs and veiws, and have had different life experiences.

Therefore, speaking to anyone without agruing, striving, offending, hurting, and breaking relationships, is extremely hard.

As followers of Christ, we have an example to look up to. We know the truth and can therefore must do it.

But how?

When it comes down to the DOING part, we tend to lack…either saying nothing, as not to offend or saying too much the wrong way, ending your testimony and good reputation.

I have had times in my life where I felt justified by what I said, when I said it, and to who I had said it.

But what I thought was Yahweh’s will, was my own prideful self.

I wanted to save every one from the doom that I saw coming, for all the terrible sinners in my life. What I was missing, was that I was the worst of them all.

No one is perfect. Not on our own…

We are all constantly growing in our faith. Looking down on someone is not only prideful and condemning, but it ruins your testimony…

your reputation…

and most importantly, how that person views our Heavenly Father.

You may be the last and only glimpse of truth that that person will ever see or hear.

As a follower of Christ, we are His representatives, in every second of the day, every day, for the rest of our lives.

Being fearfully out to save people from hell is NOT love.

We serve the All Powerful, All Mighty, Awesome, Creator of everything! The Great I Am! None is greater!

He has EVERYTHING under control. That means everything!

Knowing this, we have no need to worry about the friends and family who may be doomed for hell. Yahweh knows their hearts and He has everything under control.

Just because you think that they should believe exactly what you believe, this very moment, does not mean that it is in Yahweh’s plan.

His timing is perfect… always.

So, trust Yahweh with your friends and family, speaking in love as you are led.

And spend some time examining yourself. The best, most peaceful times are when I am studying and talking with Yahweh about who I am, and who He wills me to be.

Plant some seeds.

Then, trust Yahweh.

And never stop growing, yourself.

Sweet Blessings!

The Holocaust

It was the saddest muesum that I had ever visited.

I followed a group of excited tourists into an elevator. But when the door shut, all fell silent.

We turned to look up in front of us, as a small screen came to life…

It was the introduction into the Holocaust. As we watched and listened in silence, the elevator slowly crept down…

Then it all stopped. As the door opened again, into a dark room, we all felt a part of it, we were there…no longer just tourists. We had each been given a identication card with the story of someone who one lived during that time.

Now, we silently came out of the elevator into a dark room filled with many others.

Along the walls were dimly lit photos and articles of importance.

Historic voices of those in the past, were the only sounds to be heard.

All were somber and quiet, gazing in rememberance at the sorrowful time of the past.

I slowly strolled through the dimly lit rooms and halls of the museum that day, seeing the joys and the horrors of that time in history, the Holocaust.

I could not imagine anyone coming out of the exhibit who was not humbled by the experience.

Just imagining the horrors is enough, but seeing pictures, videos, artifacts, and even smelling the filth of hundreds of dirty old shoes… It really humbles you.

There were also other more graphic photos and silent videos which were covered on all sides and only visible by those who were older and wished to see them.

I had no need or desire to see them and I was thankful that they were covered.

Through this Holocaust experience, I was not only humbled with the desire to praise Yahweh that we have our lives and the liberty to study the Bible and live for Him…

But also, that we live in yet another Holocaust.

Looking in the past, we can see the horrors done and wonder how they could have been so cruel.

Yet, we are living in a second Holocaust. One that has taken more lives then the first…

Our young and our old are being targeted! The most innocent and helpless are loosing their lives every day in this silent Holocaust!

We say, that if we would have lived then, we would have done something to stop it. But what are we doing now?

Many babies are never born…never to see the light of day…never to take their first step or say their first word…

Many mothers are left in lifelong grieve and guilt, struggling in depression, anger, self-hate, and suicide…

Many of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, great grandparents, parents, friends, and family…the elderly among us, are being abused, starved, dehydrated, and euthanized…silently without any help…

This silent Holocaust is real and happening just a few miles away from us all…

What will you do?

Based on my experience at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. May you be Inspired.

Awesome Blogger’s Award

I have been nominated for the Awesome Blogger’s Award by Ariana of Ariana’s Archives. This is bit late, I know.

Thank you, Ariana!

But do you know who is really awesome???


He is Yah-some!!!! Praise Yahweh!!!!


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Ariana’s Questions:

  1. What is your go-to hairstyle? Just a simple ponytail
  2. Do you like/wear Converse? No…I don’t know what it is…O it’s a shoe company! No. I prefer sandels or snow boots.
  3. What is one specific thing you love? Babies! My baby sister.
  4. Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert


My Nominees:

Mary~Middle Mary

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My Questions:

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Sweet Blessings!!!