Love, like Him

Imagine with me, a lone box, damp and dirty, in a quiet alley beside a parking lot. Everyday many people walk past this alley on their way to work or to shop. Everyday, they pass it by.

One very cold and foggy morning, one person did enter this alley, but only for a moment…and then she was gone.
Throughout this day, a very mysterious sound pierced the usual silence of the alley. As usual, many people passed this alley. But today, they heard something.

Some, afraid of what it could be, decided to walk a different route that day. Some, who cared not to get their hands dirty, payed no heed to the alley or its sounds, but walked by faster than usual and put on a smile as if nothing unusual had happened.
This continued until it was near dawn. About this time, a very well dressed business man, who had spent the last 13 hours in his office working, passed the alley. He was beyond tired as you can imagine.

But when he heard the alley’s sound, he stopped… Right there at the entrance of the alley, and listened.
He could have left, without another thought of that alley or its sounds, but he turned towards the alley and slowly walked down it.
It was scarcely lite and dirty, but he cared not, he listened carefully. Silently, he took a step forward and then another step...

Until he reached that lone box, that was damp and dirty.
Silently, he bent down and opened up of the box. Inside of the box, there lay a baby… Cold, dirty, and hungry. The well-dressed business man took the abandoned baby home, safe and sound.

That baby was unwanted and alone, but there was someone who cared. Someone who wanted her.
There’s are two points to this story that I love.
First, is that, we are like this abandoned baby, but Yahweh, in His love and mercy, has adopted us. We are His loved children.

Secondly, because Yahweh first loved us, we are called by Him to love those around us.

I love how this business man was not afraid of the dark or the dirt. He knew that there was trouble within that alley and he went in with love and courage.
We tend to be blinded by what we want and what we believe. We tend to block others out of our lives because to us, they are in the dark and dirt.

But as followers of Christ, it is our duty to love, no matter if that person is a friend or an enemy. No matter if that person is living in the darkest places or whether they are filthy or dirty.
I do not know what tomorrow will bring. I do not know where I’ll be in years to come…but I do know one thing.

I have been specially created for a purpose. I am a wicked sinner, but I have been bought with a price.

I have been like that little abandoned baby, but I have been adopted by the King. I am loved.
Therefore, I trust Yahweh with my life. I want to live my life to glorify Him. I want to be the person who cares. Who is like that business man in the alley.

I want to love, as He first loved me. I don’t want to fear darkness or dirt, but be clothed in overwhelming faith, love, and Joy.
I pray that my future and that of my family and friends, will be living examples of Yahweh’s wonderful love. May Yahweh bless us all.

Life is important. Life is beautiful. Life matters.

~Sweet Blessings


This story is a work of fiction, purely from my imagination. May you be inspired by it.

Photo by. NASA Hubble Space Telescope


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